We work in a collaborative style and thus we reach out to an extensive network of creative entrepreneurs, businesses and subcontractors to fulfill all of your needs and visions. The team at Defining Delicious will manage and oversee all that is done from the inside out. This model allows us to work with a collaborative vision while being exclusive to our clients.

One of our core ideals dictates that we never use generic press kits or releases. We do our best to embody the idea of being a locally grown business, so we always start sharing with our local media friends and partners. From there we are committed to expanding your reach to be seen and heard on regional and national platforms. This takes time and care as we want to custom build your campaign to your team’s needs.

Our approach keeps your brand known within your local markets, but also shares your brand with national markets as well. This is all part of our plan to define you deliciously in a multitude of avenues. We do this through…


Writing — We work with a team of professional food and drink writers to create  your press kits, and ensure that all words being used on your behalf are as Delicious as your establishment’s food and drinks.

Marketing — From in-house signage to building a social media based campaign, we seek to help you create and maintain your brand-from the newsletters you’re sending to the menus you are printing, our work is professional and as Delicious as possible.

Publicity — Our motto is: Keep it Local. Make it National. All Ways Delicious. Staying true to this ideal allows us to work with media from all corners of the country to your own back yard. To us, local event calendars are just as important as our personalized pitches to national press contacts. We work with a team of experienced professionals to share your story ‘from scratch’ with passion and vigor.

Digital Media — Our approach ensures that expertly crafted content is coordinated with beautiful, relevant visual representation. We believe that a press kit without photos is a gross disservice to our clients, and that particular way of thinking led us to invest in valuable team members with exceptional talents in the realms of photography, videography, food styling, and graphic design.


Web design and development — We want your business to shine as much as what you set in front of your guests, so we do full reconnaissance on all outward communication to your audience. Whether it’s adding an online newsletter or touching up your website content, we want to help you build a relationship with your audience that starts in your kitchen and reaches their computer screen, eventually drawing more traffic to both your website and your establishment.