Wine. Wednesday. Wine. Wednesday.

We love to wine around here, if you haven’t noticed. No really,  it’s kind of like coffee and water at our office. No we aren’t sitting here getting our tipsy on all day, we really work- it’s just we love to end a day or two of the week with a wine social- invite our neighbors and blast some music. If you ask us, there aren’t really a lot of other ways to celebrate a mid-week day then popping or corking something vino-ish. We want to share our favorite wine-ering holes around town. Wine not, right? Ok we will stop now…



1.  The Last Word: not only are there plenty of cocktails on tap, but The Last Word has a stellar bubbly menu as well. Enjoy a bottle of your favorite or maybe try something new and don’t forget reservations are accepted. Address: 229 East Houston St #10



2. MAX’s Wine Dive: We love the energy and enthusiasm of this place- always something off beat and we cannot leave without the fried egg sandwich, any bottle of wine tastes good with that- trust us. Say hello to Manisse, their Wine Sales Manager- she’s amazing and knows her drinks. Address:  Quarry Village, 340 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209


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3.  Folc: this new gem in Olmos Park has become the talk of the town- it’s funky menu and inspired cocktail list may make you say no to wine- but they even have a great list to compliment our two favorite must-have menu items, pea toast and roasted chicken- we know, chicken is not the normally awesome thing to order on a cool places menu- but man-oh-man this chicken is not to be missed- get the whole chicken and have the rest as a midnight snack. Address:  226 East Olmos Drive, San Antonio, TX 78212



4. The Monterey: You can’t go wrong with the wine list at The Monty- it’s just right. The best sherry list around, sherry is a thing, yes. They recently added a stellar line-up of cocktails and an excellent wine list. You cannot go wrong with the brussels sprouts either. I mean, they kind of made them cool in San Antonio a long time ago. Address:  1127 South Saint Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78210



5. The Cookhouse- If you haven’t been to this New Orleans in San Antonio gem yet- get your buns over for dinner tonight. May we suggest charbroiled oysters with a bottle of Gustave Lorentz Pinot Blanc- you will thank us later. Address: 720 East Mistletoe, San Antonio, TX 78212


If you are what you drink, make it WINE… and make it Delicious,


The Defining Delicious Team





Are food festivals just for “Foodies”?


As you remember I LOVE the term, “foodie.”   We can say that until there is a societal agreement on a new term for high brows that like to eat, we will stick to it.  We could also do some damage with the liquid version of “foodie,” AKA “wine-oh.”   In short, Wine-oh’s could be…. 1. Any NPR listener that speaks in high notes and long legs 2. A cougar ( the female not feline) with a shit load of make up and slurred speech or 3. A drunk that calls her or himself a “wine oh.”  I am sure the real “wine oh’s ” are not even called “wine-oh’s” but some elitist term that only cool cats (skinny jeans and rimmed glasses) know about and use only with present company. Either way, you catch my drift… People who like to eat and drink are starting to take over the world. There are festivals, celebrities that became celebrities because they cook good shit, and dozens of people who follow these “celebrity chefs” with big cameras. The real question is, are  we common folk welcome to such festivities….?

The practical side of brain says…

1. Can I afford a ticket?

2. Can I afford to drink a plethora of wine for three days straight?

3. Can I afford to eat my weight in bad ass food made by noted “celebrity” chefs?



Whether you are a ….


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Or A….








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All  types of “foodies”  and “winies” are welcome…

Yes, my dear friends I am here to tell you, come one …Come ALL to such gluttonous food festies. In fat.. I mean fact,  the worse off you are in the food and drink world, the better. You get to bask in cooking and wine tasting seminars, drink with high brows, eat with local and national talented food makers and shakers and the list goes on.  Seriously! Hit that shit up and do it now… I must admit, I was a bit skeptical last year, at Austin Food and Wine, it was hot, it was dusty, and there seemed to be less food then drink— However, the Food and Wine Gods listened and this year they brought it– and they brought it BIG. There were live fire pits with talented chefs like Rene Ortiz and Jason Dady  creating things like lamb tacos, and red snapper with kewpie. There were local artisan food makers like Pate Letelier and Butterface Bakery that made my top two list. Of course, there was plenty of wine, booze and hot, muscled tattooed guys pouring such libations. It was hot in more ways than one, but there was plenty of shade and the porta potties had some killer a/c.


smoke afw

(Photo: Defining Delicious, Smoked Oysters)



And even if you are stone cold sober or on a diet you can enjoy yourself. Andrew Zimmern the well known Bizarre Foods TV host does not drink alcoholic bevearages and he seemed to have a grand time.  He even travels with 3 female body guards( aka his wife and pr agents) but still… if you are vegan or even a veg head you can still find your way. Susan Finegar, a famous LA chef specializes in health inspired vegetarian fare and made a kick ass vegetarian taco at the Rock Your Taco event. If you are counting beans, maybe just get the weekender pass and fill your purse with cheese samples.  If you are counting your calories, just drink a ton of alcohol and skip the cheese. The point is, foodie festies are NOT just for the white collar crowds, there is a bit of somethin’ somethin’ for all types of folks.

susan F

(Photo: Defining Delicious, Susan Fenigar’s Delish Veggie Taco)

To help your planning out here are some stellar food festivities coming up around the country….

Aspen Food and Wine Festival   June 14-16

Nashvile Eats is September 21-22

Chicago Gourmet presented by Bon Apetite is September 27-29

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival September 1-9

Charleston Food Festival March 4-7

New York City Food and Wine Festival  October 17-20



Austin Food and Wine 

Culinaria, San Antonio’s own Food and Wine Festival and Restaurant Week


* I was given a media pass for Austin Food and Wine, however all opinions are my own.




Secrets Of Thee Grocery Getter.

I love grocery shopping. I know add it to my list of crae crae quirks, along with no microwave and no cable t.v. Honestly, I enjoy the grab, go and flow of gathering healthy foods to feed my sweet lil family. Yes, I do look like a homeless woman with crazed wild boar in my cart 90 percent of the time, but I like it nonetheless. Part of what I like is the actual atmosphere of a store. I enjoy my local H-E-B for the fact that they are customer oriented, and it is conveniently accessible to my house, and kind to my wallet. I don’t have to drive to tim-buck-to just for some almond milk or an organic selection of breads. No, it doesn’t have the surplus of organic, gluten free, wheat free, nut bread,  that Whole Foods provides but it fits my needs and my kids enjoy some perks too.



Although, there are exceptions, like when I’m feeling fancy, I treat myself and my dinner menu to the fruits and loins of Central Market (also owned by H-E-B).  It’s kind of like my pedicure equivalent in grocery speak. I could spend hours roaming the specialty goods aisles, sampling fine cheeses and tickling the minds of the in-house sommeliers. Oh, and  I love Central Market’s grilled veggie panini, it’s seriously one of the best sandwiches in town. Not to mention, the free valet parking, (f-r-e-e).




Lord knows I threw the idea of meal-planning and couponing to the wind when I discovered that I would have to give up my $7.00 fresh english peas or carry some sort of order to my grocery cart of chaos. Yet, I have some tricks up my sleeve for creating a delicious adventure in the grocery store even with children or wild boar in tow.

Tip 1. Snacks. Always bring food to the food store (I know the irony is outstanding), or grab a banana or a bag of organic grapes to feed the hungry beasts. While the lil boars are munching, thou shall enjoy a few moments of grabbing thee groceries thee desires rather than anything thee can grab before thees hungry beasts escape. (Note: Whole Foods has some free goodies for the lil hungry beasts by the help cashier, H-E-B has a wheel to spin for kids to earn points and redeem free goodies, Central Market has balloons)

Tip 2. Make friends with your bagger. Smile and say something like, ” Yeah, I know I’m a living, walking, breathing, reminder of birth control.” Smile again and bravely ask for “help” to your vehicle AKA wild boar cage. Then, with any luck said bagger will help thee to thees car, while thee straps wild boar into something federal safety approved.

Tip 3:  Don’t give a hoot! So much energy in life goes towards judging others, giving hairy-eye balls, worrying about being judged, worrying about worrying, and so on. Seriously, stop!  Take a pause at the chocolate aisle. Deep cocoa nib infused breaths. If it’s one of those days, roll up your sleeves and dig into some chocolate covered somethin’ somethin’s throw them in the cart and stand proud. Even if the said chocolate makes the wild boar even more wild, at least when you get to the car you’ll have your trusty bagger to put the groceries in the trunk while you strap them into their seats.

Then after all is said, done, and bagged, treat yourself to a drive-thru coffee or go home and pour some of your sommelier recommended wine.



How do you survive grocery gettin’? You did survive didn’t you?


Be well, and if you are what you eat be Delicious.

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