8 Days Till French Laundry…

♫♫♫ On The 8th Day Till French Laundry

My True Love Gave To Me ♫♫♫

♫♫♫ 5 Golden Sips…

Say What?

Yes, at 5pm tonight, I will be officially off “mom duty” and headed to my own little French Laundry right here in San Antonio, The Westin La Cantera. My favorite place to wine, dine, and pretend I’m on vacation for a couple hours.

Yes, I will be pampered with a Golden Margarita (my 5 golden sips)

AND if that wasn’t enough, I’m gettin’ a manicure. I imagine one hand sippin’ the gold and the other hand being massaged and painted all puurrdy by a burly man in a loin cloth.

Yes, I am counting the minutes.


Yes, I am living the dream, please pinch me.

Yes, this is the view.

Yes, this is in Texas.


PS. I will be tweeting with my third hand (mom’s have those) please follow me at #WLCmanis

Here’s the Deal-E-O. Manicures are available at Castle Rock Health Club & Spa and while you’re there you should visit the beautiful newly renovated Steinheimer’s Lounge (get a Shrimp Campechana appetizer it’s pretty much the most amazing salsa-esq thing you’ll ever eat).

(photo credit Westin La Cantera)

* Yes I am receiving a complimentary margarita and manicure from the Westin La Cantera, however, all opinions are my own. If you need more info. visit my disclaimer page)