Meals and Deals on a Monday Night

We have searched high and low around town to find our favorite monday-funday things to do, as always and all ways, Delicious style. Here are 3 things to entice your senses and stimulate the beginning of your work week.

1. Looking to keep your Monday liquidy and light on the wallet? May we suggest “Cheap Ass Mondays” at The Brooklynite: enjoy drinks like old fashions and daiquiris for $5- all night long. Address: 516 Brooklyn Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78215





2.  We have been going crazy for Barbaro lately. Looking for a great wine list (pro-tip ask to see the reserve list, get the Pierre Peters- if you want to start the week off with some fancy bubbly) and why not slap an egg on your anchovy pizza while you are at it? We say, yes, please. If you are feeling more like homebody, order your pizza to-go. You can keep it simple or make it fancy, that is what we love about Barbaro. Address:  2720 McCullough Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78212



(Photo credit: Barbaro Facebook Page)

3. If you are rolling deep with the kiddos, may we suggest starting your week with some smoke at Two Bros. BBQ. Why not make your Monday Meaty, it is Meat Week after all. The kids can roam as free as chickens and amuse themselves on the Texas sized play area, while you and yours enjoy some brew and que. It’s the perfect happy beginning to the week, if we do say so ourselves. Not to mention, Two Bros. was named Texas Monthly top 50 BBQ places in the state, no big deal. Address: 12656 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78216



(Photo Credit: Two Bros. BBQ)


Happy Monday Y’all. And if you are what you (m)eat, make it Delicious,


The Defining Delicious Team



The San Antonio Cocktail Conference & Must Stops In-Between!

As we mentioned we will be venturing (aka “ubering”) around town this weekend for all things cocktail, boozy and spirited. Tonight The San Antonio Cocktail Conference (SACC) gets underway at the gorgeous MAJESTIC THEATRE. We will be there enjoying libations and samplings of food from some of our local favorites. Before the party gets started we will be warming up at two of our favorite downtown bars:

The Esquire Tavern, which houses  the longest bar in Texas, met with the best drinks and fare around- will be hosting a SACC welcome party startin10923517_10205408578792089_5467083856668546066_ng at 4p.m. Enjoy Live music by The Spiders, drink specials and of course some of Chef Brooke Smith’s best happy hour menu items- including our favorite deviled eggs around.


The Last Word will be hosting a guest bartender, as well as a drink special to benefit the SACC,  The Planter’s Punch to which proceeds will benefit Houston street charities. And speaking of Houston, The Last Word will also be hosting Houston based bartender, Justin Burrow of Bad News Bar. Burrow will be joining forces with owner, Jeret Pena, seeing these two cocktialian hotties shaking and stirring will be unforgettable that is for sure.


All this fun with cocktails and imbibing our way around the Alamo City needs some safe driving intertwined with it, don’t you think? We have partnered with UBER this weekend and want to offer our readers a code to eat, drink and ride responsibly.  We would like to give you $20 off your first ride for all you first-time uber users- and don’t forget you don’t have to foot the whole bill- you can split the ride with your friends with one click on the uber app, go dutch, it’s cool we won’t judge.


UBER copy

Thank you and if you are what you eat, drink and ride- make it DELICIOUS.

(*We have partnered with UBER and support the efforts of eating, drinking and riding responsibly, all opinions are our own).

Cocktails with “Heart” and Soul

Eating and drinking can be …

Practical = “All I have in my fridge is moldy mac n cheese, a few lemons and BBQ sauce. I think I’ll go out to eat.”

Functional = “I’m Meeting ‘The Girls! We are sipping on pink cocktails, nibbling on shrimp flat bread, soaking up some juicy gossip and relishing in “girl time.”

Random = Question: ” You hungry?” Answer: “Yes, Please”

Romantic = Hot Date + Yummy Food + Zesty Cocktails = Hot ( you fill in the blank)

Somehow it feels better spending some money towards a good meal, booze and socializing with strangers if there is a charity involved. San Antonio is full of organizations, galas and gatherings that raise money and awareness for something wholesome.  We are also blessed to have talented Chef’s who donate their time, help organize said events,  and show up for some local-hot-celebrity-chef-googlin’. Recently, I enjoyed the San Antonio Cocktail Conference. I’m not a “cocktail snob,” yet I pleaded for a media pass to learn more about the art of mixology (cocktails are as cool as bacon these days).  In essence, I have made it easy for you, and offer three reasons to mark your calendars for next year…


1. HEART The proceeds of the entire  conference benefits Heartgift of San Antonio.  A seriously wonderful organization that enables children from AROUND THE GLOBE to have heart surgery they would not have opportunities or access to otherwise.  Recently, a dear friend of mine had to face a heart surgery for her baby, I cannot imagine a family in that situation not being able to provide a nesecaasry life saving surgury for their child. The San Antonio Cocktail Conference provides proceeds towards this organization. This year the conference raised $75,000 dollars and helped save the heart and life of a young girl from China, Ziran.



(photo: Savor SA)


SACC press conference 2-1



2. PASSION not only does the conference give a hellava lot of money towards a kick butt cause-they invite awe- inspiring people to teach at the conference, such as: Dale Degroff (known as  The Godfather of Cocktails), Michael Madrusan, Julie Reiner, Robery Hess, Johnny Schuler and many more.  I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Johnny Schuler. Johnny is a master distiller from Peru. He lives and breaths passion for Pisco Liquer. Pisco is a brandy produced in Peru and Johnny himself has won countless awards for his own brand, Pisco Porton. He is the type of guy that you meet and you want to literally, “drink his koolaid” or in this case Pisco Sour. He seeps passion and inspiration for what he does and believes there is a difference between “drinking” and “tasting” when it comes to cocktails or life in general. “You drink to get drunk, you taste to experience,”  Johnny stated during our interview. A sip much like a bite of food can take you to a new world, and create a new experience in and of itself.




3. EATS  The opening of the conference and the pub crawl portion were my personal favorites, of course, both involved food. The historic and beautiful Majestic Theatre hosted the opening of the conference and the San Antonio Chef Coalition provided the food. I was working at the Jason Dady Restaurant Group table and our famous DUK Truck Tacos we served. People were drinking booze like it was water and  I over heard a few comments about there not being “enough” food. However, we gave out hundreds of tacos and there were other vendors as well.  It was a cocktail party, people, petite bites and mucho drinks was the-name-of-the-game. Perhaps, more food to sample from more hot local chefs next year might be some feedback, but still the party-and proceeds went to a great cause. The bar take over/pub crawl at Tre Trattoria Downtown, was also amazingly delicious~A Dallas bar, The Standard Pour took over the beautiful urban bar of  Tre Trattoria Downtown. The pub crawl included other stops at Bohanians, The Brooklynite, and Bar 1919 as well. Tre Trattoria provided a plethora of snacks  and the red double decker bus provided a safe ride for all attendees, all for only for 50 bucks.

cocktails DT

Overall, the conference had so much to offer and in the meantime, if you get thirsty there are great places to eat, drink and be merry in San Antonio.

The Brooklynite, great scene and award-winning cocktails made by James Beard Nominated Mixologist, Jeret Pena.

-Bar 1919, iconic meets chic

Arcade Midtown Kitchen  my favorite outdoor-indoor bar and you must order the shrimp-pineapple flatbread.

-Ocho in the Hotel Havana, where Miami’s flare meets San Antonio’s charm.

-Feast atmosphere is as modern as it gets, wonderfully sexy waitstaff, artisan cocktails, and delicious eats.

Other Noteworthy Charitable Events in San Antonio that involve copius amounts of food and drinks… Paella Challenge, Culinaria (beer and wine run is coming up), and Fiesta’s Taste of The Northside.

For more of the latest upcoming events around San Antonio, check and as always–

If you are what you eat and drink BE Delicious


**(Note: I am the marketing PR manager for Jason Dady Restaurants, however all opinions are my own and if I dont like an event I dont write about it! see Delishcolosure for the fine print).