La Grande Finale…

Part 3 Of Restaurant Week San Antonio: Tost French Bistro     

My experience at Tost Bistro makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. Some major highlights include:

-Owner Jean Francios was an absolutely wonderful host.

The Crispy Brussels Sprouts Salad alone is worth the trip.

-Every single morsel of food Defined Delicious. {Wink. Wink.}

*Again I was NOT at all compensated for anything this post is as honest as Abe Lincoln!

I part with the photos and memories of my favorite Restaurant Week 2011 experience.

Spicy Southwest Gazpacho A refreshingly cool, blooming, ripe, tomato-based soup. Combined with tangy cilantro and topped with a fresh corn compote (not from a can).  This was bliss in a bowl, especially on a 110 degree day.


Crispy Brussels Sprouts Salad  Beautifully plump brussels sprouts, perfectly pan seared, swimming in a balsamic truffle oil glaze, harmoniously dancing with blue cheese crumbles and crispy bits of bacon {I just drizzled drool on my laptop}.


 The Lobster Cake ( A Royal version of a crab cake). The golden edges of this brown buttered panko crust were hugging tender succulent pieces of fresh lobster.  It was crowned with a citrus salad and accompanied by a bright flavorful saffron aioli.  I felt as though I should bow, or curtsy, or do something formal at the end of this bite.

Braised Lamb Shank Provencal The lamb was virtually melting off the bone and was steeped in a traditional Provencal sauce.  Topped off with plump cherry tomatoes and black olives, it rested comfortably on top of goat cheese mashed potato. This dish was succulent, warm, juicy, and as I write it’s beginning to melt my heart all over again.

Forrest Berry Sorbet Made from scratch daily, this burst of berry flavor was a perfect last bite to a fairy tale lunch (notice the empty plates.)

Are you salavating yet? Please stop back for more edible tales on this Mama’s quest to Define Delicious.