Tastefully Balanced

For the past 2 weeks I have lost my sense of smell and TASTE! Damn you Texas Ceder. Even after a plethora of Neti Potties I still I wake up each morning and run down stairs sniffin’ anything I can get my hands on and chuggin’ OJ to see if I can taste it. I admit it I’m desperate. A foodie loosing her taste/smell is like Dolly Parton loosing her Tatas voice. My master palate has been put on pause and my master love affair with the edible on hold.

(Oh-Beautiful plate of food. I cannot taste, there for I am not.) I know I’m really deep.

As much as this has been a curse it has given me time to reflect on how much my senses of taste and smell mean to me. As much as food, flavor, taste, smell, and chasing food dreams rules most of my life. This month I asked myself, “at what expense?” Truthfully, I have yearned for a ripe grape to burst into my mouth or to indulge in my rich dark morning coffee, or even to smell my babie’s fresh-from-the-tub hair. Yet I notice that I have been much more easy-going. *Gasp* I know it’s hard to believe.

Full Disclosure – some of you may have seen me throw a food tantrum when my food dreams are spoiled by mediocre food or bad service.  I shamefully remember dragging my family around NYC with a crazed, hypoglycemic look in my eyes so angry that I couldn’t find a real smoothie when I craved one.  Let’s not forget how often I send dishes back to the kitchen for being slightly burned, under ripe, or drenched in dressing.  And I wish I could take back the dirty looks I shot at my hubby when he forgot the butter on my blueberry pancakes.  I know for a fact I have made some of you cringe when eating out with me.  Perhaps, there is room for a new balance of having high standards without the tantrums or melt downs and keep some chutzpah.

As much as I miss my tastes I have a new committtment to my love affair with the edibles. Deep breath…Ok, I think I can..I think I can…

Dear Food, If I’m really hungry…I will love you even if you’re not perfect. I will eat you even if you’re not exact. I will cherish the moment and still keep my standards high without costing me my friendships or my marriage.

Fewww it’s nice to get that one off my chest. Ok, universe I promise to behave… now can I have my senses back?

Where does your balance of annoyance and high standards lie? Bring your shame game up a notch or two. For me, I see loosing my sense of taste has gained my sense of perspective. Is being a hungry witch-on-wheels really worth the perfect bite?  I think not.

 Tastefully balanced,

One Saucy Mama.