Not Too Late for Easter Brunch Reservations

Hoppy Easter Peeps!

If you’re like my family you’re just realizing this weekend is EASTER. The hottest (literally, in San Antonio) weekend to get out and egg hunt till your little love’s sugar-high wears off. Not to mention, the best time to wear a Royal Wedding inspired, vagina easter hat and go out for brunch. You all know how much I LOVE me some brunch.  If I could be in 5 places at one time, these foodie-family-approved-brunchey-brunch spots are where you would find me…

The Westin La Cantera This year they are featuring a toddler egg hunt and of course, the usual top-notch buffet items. Surely, the room will be filled with Happy Hoppy well-fed parents and kiddos. I love the Westin La Cantera. The food tickles my taste buds each time I have gone. This is where my little fam will be, come join us! (Menu HERE) call for reservations at (210) 558-6500

RoMo’s This little spot with a whole lotta love in the oven, got voted one of San Antonio’s top-ten new restaurants in the latest issue of SAmag. AND they just re-opened on Sunday’s to showcase their creatively-succulent brunch menu (let’s just say these lil deviled-smore’s might make an appearance). They are about as Family-Friendly as you can get (menu HERE). Call for reservations at 210) 521-7666

Sustenio If you haven’t ventured to Chef David Gilbert’s culinary wonderland yet, you are as crazy as a loon. Easter Brunch seems like a fine time to refine your palette and have some ceviche with your mimosa.  Or be uber brave and try some civet coffee, double-dog dare you. (Reservation info. HERE) Or call (210) 598-2950

Biga On The Banks I hope you got a chance to read my latest article in TASTE magazine.  It was all about the beautiful Debra Auden, wife to Chef/owner of Biga, Bruce Auden. Biga is one of the best places to eat in the entire Western part of the country (no joke). Also, Chef Auden is a James Beard nominee. So just go to say you have gone if you can’t come up with another reason.  Good news, I called today and they still have some Easter Sunday spots left.  Snag em’! If there’s a time to splurge it’s at Biga and it’s Easter Sunday Brunch. Believe it or not, they are well behaved kid-friendly.  The menu and prices are HERE or call for reservations at 210-225-0722

ZTejas I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this place and their brunch. It is supposed to be a Southwest foodie’s love affair atop-o-some tableside guac.  Check out the menu HERE and if you go, let me know if you liked it as much as the hype does. For more information call (210) 690-3334

Whether you are in San Antonio or Santa Fe, I say, go out and try something new or re-visit someplace you adore this Sunday. Let me know how it goes and please check back soon for more April EatVENTs.

Editors note: Thank you Apartment Therapy for the “peepin’- hot chocolate idea and photo. Also, thank you Chef Rob of RoMo’s for the s’mores pic. The rest of the photos and all opinions are Defining Delicious’ own


Meal Planning For Dummies

Being that in my last post I outted myself as a non-meal planner type, I thought would expand. Here’s the deal,  I adore cooking, eating and having food prepared for me. However, when it comes to any sort of number crunching, calendar checking and/or color coding impeding on my life I tend to abandon ship. Actually, the thought of any of “those” things makes me feel sea sick with a side of please don’t make me do it. I’ll be the first to admit I like to live in a fantasy world. As far as cooking goes, I need to be a hasty home cook and get the job done before my 2 kids start painting the walls red, literally. Plans usually don’t help me in this department but rather cause stress (something of the affect, oh sh** I forget to thaw the chicken for…X) More importantly, I love imagining I am an olden days European woman; picking my warm crusty bread up from the baker (reality: Central Market), plucking ripe veg from my abundantly green garden (reality: we only really have lettuce because my husband works 90 hours a week and doesn’t nurture the thing) and seeking a local butcher for a fresh cut of grass-fed meat (reality: Whole Foods). Truth be told, I live in the burbs and I drive to most places via highway. But give a girl a dream.

When I heard Erin Chase, the mastermind behind 5$ dinners was coming to town, I was curious and excited. My exact thoughts were, can a non-planner like me be more planny like Erin Chase? And budgets…oh budgets…Could I, a person who makes random whatchamacallit dishes on the budget of “whatever the hell I want and quick!” become more spend savvy? I wonder? I got to thinking, this event would be fun to attend and perhaps Erin is up to the challenge of converting me (and others) over to the spend-savvy-plan-smart-school? Erin, are you up for it? I tend to think she is. We shall see… Either way, there is another fun spring event to add to the food lover mix and support the local San Antonio Food Bank.

The class will be on March 30 from 6:30-8:30pm at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church in San Antonio. Cost is $5 plus a canned good – both of which go to the San Antonio Food Bank. To register click HERE

Take aways:

  • Learn how to save 50% on groceries with coupon strategies for local stores
  • Get valuable and exclusive tools to find the best deals and plan out meals every week
  • Connect with neighbors, make new friends, and find a savings buddy to help along the way

Whether you’re a type Anal planner or the non-planny type, like me, I think we can all benefit. Personally, I would really like to see if I can still live in my European-market-shopping-fantasy world and save me some dough? Furthermore, Erin is a native to San Antonio and we are all about supporting local, right? I’ll see you there. I’ll be the saucy brunette with the deer in the headlights look on my face. That’s right, a meal planning ‘dummie’ indeed.

You can find more information about Erin and the San Antonio event HERE

And if you cannot attend the meeting (try your darndest), check back here soon to see if Erin and her savvy ways converted me over to world of planning?

(Thank you, Debi from SA busy Kids for the above details on the event)