A Recipe For A Delicious Life

I’m HERE!  I know it’s been longer than a Phish show since I last posted. I’ve been blissed out on fresh water lakes and the hot dog days of summer.  I could have posted sooner but I was eating too much NY pizza and I skipped out on the finer dining details and food related topics for 2 months.  Yes, the pizza was that good. Oh, and I was enjoying this…



And tasting vintage wine with my brother.  I’m so proud of my bro, he just got a job at Noma in Denmark.

I had a lot of time to enjoy mountain air and that awesome feeling of cool green grass between my toes. I was tucked away in an adorable cottage in my little hometown of Lake Placid, NY for two months. As crazy as it is, a summer apart from my husband and the utterly blazing heat of Texas is seriously the key to our marital success.  For two months a year, I live my life, he lives his and then we come back together and redesign our lives together.  I always learn a lot about myself and our relationship.  My kids had the summer of their lives as well dancing around town, making new friends, staying with extended family, going to weddings and swimming in the angel water lakes of the Adirondacks nearly every day.  It took being around people that have known me for years to remind me that even though I may not be 18 again, the essence of my personality expands much further than my roles as Mom and wife.  Having a husband that works 100 hours a week and nursing 2 children for almost 4 straight years caused me to lose sight of this.  My essence loves charachters, the colorful people of the world that define variety. I cherish those people. My essence loves being in the moment, flying by the seat of my pants and flowing from one social interaction to another, starting my days with conversations and ending my days with insights, smiles and vivid memories. My essence is outgoing and it lives to say the things that are on everyone’s mind but no one wants to say. Some call this “stirring the pot,” I call it, honesty.    I was surrounded by people this summer that appreciate and honor these traits and they nursed my spirit out of hibernation.

So I’m back in Texas running from one A/C unit to the next yearning for just one more day of summer livin. I know that my life and my family will only thrive with some balance. This balance is elusive.  My identity tends to be shadowed by my roles of mom and wife to a Urologic sugical resident who works 100+ hours a week saving the penises of wounded soldiers. As honorable as Matt’s job is, it can take a toll on family life. I know it seems crazy, but I want to find my own job, outside of my house. I need a reminder that my life is not just making dinners, eating dinners, cleaning up dinners, changing diapers and retelling the story of the three little pigs.  Many of you will say, “but being a Mom is the most important thing you can do and it IS a full-time job.” Of course it is, but I’ve been doing this job for 4 years, I’m damn good at it and I need a promotion.

So my dream job is becoming a restaurant promoter, working for badass restaurants and promoting them with all my heart, tasting the foods, giving honest feedback and giving the worlds best chefs the business edge to make their restaurants boom. Beautiful universe and beautiful readers if you know people who would like to hire me, let’s get it going. Eventually, I’d like for Gail Simmons to retire and I will step into her position permanently. In the meantime, I will live as vividly as possible following my newly created recipe for a delicious life.

Recipe for a Delicious Life is:

100 cups of love

101 cups of self-love (including: good eats, yoga, wholesome friendships, coffee shops, etc)

25 drops of FUN

10 pinches of a passionate outlet

Combine:  gratitude, acceptance, integrity, playfulness, spaciousness, dance parties, tea parties, romance, adventurous date nights, girlfriends and more girlfriends, coffee shops, farm fresh foods, generous smiles, wind blown hair, mustard colored handbags, chocolate chips, red objects, downward facing dog poses, pedicures, clean teeth, courageous acts of kindness, laughter, fort building, pillows fighting, loving souls, autumn leaves, pumpkin bread and a lots of spooning.

Mix throughly and enjoy as often as possible.



Tell me, what’s your recipe for a Delicious Life?