6 Days Till French Laundry…

♫♫♫ On The Sixth Day Till French Laundry

My True Love Gave To Me ♫♫♫

♫♫♫ 7 Magic Train Rides

(My bean sprout on his 7th time around)

Morgan’s Wonderland 

Today my San Antonio love meter rose about 7 notches.

My family spent the day at Morgan’s Wonderland. Morgan is a beautiful girl with special needs and the inspiration for the park. This one-of-a-kind park was founded “special needs” in mind. However, people of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, and needs will find a lil somethin at this place.  My daughter was amazed by the wheel-chair accessible swings, I was amazed by how much fun… I had.

Highlight: I got a glipse of two geriatric women climbing on a mechanical horse.

We went on the train 7 times, that’s right 7.

No crowds.  No lines.  No cheesy gift shops.  No parking fees.  No animal rights violations. No sweat shop trinkets.

We were in a heaven even if there were No foodie food places.

As a courtesy to our group (I was there with other mom bloggers) a lunch was provided by Young Chefs Academy.  Let’s be honest, it was a boxed lunch and I’m a food writer. The sandwich was rubbery.  The cheese was bland.  The cookie tasted like soap.  And I didn’t give a crap. Today it didn’t matter. Sometimes, rarely, it’s not about the food. I would take my kids back in a heart beat and I would to take my kids to cooking classes at Young Chefs Academy if they support Morgan’s Wonderland (which they do).

Today, Delicious was Defined by inspiration and I was inspired by the commitment and generosity it must take to keep this place rocking.


Special Thanks: Debi at SAbusy Kids for the amazing planning of this event, Julie at Constant Contact for sponsoring #SaMoms and lunch from Young Chefs Academy, and the staff and volunteers at Morgan’s Wonderland.  I am humbled by your work.

This post is not sponsored.  I received complimentary entrance to Morgan’s Wonderland  provided, in part, by Constant Contact. As always every opinion is my own.