10 Perfect Patios for Pleasing Palettes

I love spring. The vibrant wildflower landscape, the 75 degree weather (in San Antonio), the cool yet refreshing breeze… and the patio dining. Patios are like coffee shops. I need a comfy spot to really enjoy this rare treat. I want to feel taken away to someplace magical, mystical and delicious. The breeze in my hair, a glass of vino in hand and the food as mouth-watering as possible. In the name of blue bonnet season and San Antonio livin’ here are 10 places you may want to go enjoy during this brief, sunny weather treat. In no particular order…

1. The Monterey.  By far my favorite funky, outdoor dining atmosphere. Amongst hip decor you will find colorful miss-matched chairs and even a couple of comfy couches. They have a great beer and wine list and plenty of unique menu items to choose from. Personally, I love their brunch. Check out the bacon glazed donut. It’s a gooey marriage of sweet and salty with a sprinkle of little miss piggy crunch. As long as you keep an eye on your kids and don’t ask for mac n’ cheese your fam will be welcomed.


2. Sustenio.  A new place that stole my heart and ran away with it beating to Latin America. Enjoy this completely un-San Antonio experience with a ceviche tasting menu or go all out and indulge in some creative masterpiece menu items. A great date night spot but kids are welcome too as long as you got ’em reasonably well trained.

3. Cappy’s  The back porch is a shade lovers dream boat. There is a gorgeous old tree that covers most of the tables outside. And the chicken nachos are loaded with real cheese and fresh ingredients. (family welcome)

4. BLISS  A wonderful menu with “on point” flavors. The seasonal menu changes daily.  They even have a firepit to enjoy with a vino in hand. A fellow foodie mama (Mama2aidan) wrote a wonderful review HERE (well-behaved families welcome)

5. Pam’s Patio Kitchen.  The salmon sandwich will knock your sandals into next week. It’s flaky, tender, and drizzled with chipotle aioli. This hint-o-spice aioli is a sauce lover’s obsession. The patio itself is in a strip mall but there is plenty of space. There are also some plants sprinkled about to give a down home feel. (very family welcome)


6. Dough. If you haven’t been here yet, go early or go for lunch (lunch specials under 10$). This place is also in a strip mall setting but feels a bit European to me, they even have wool blankets to cozy up if you’re the sensitive-to-cool-breeze-type.  The seasonal burrata is a must order item, housemade and house stuffed buffalo mozzarella filled with a creamy, succulent, seasonal blend of flavors (say that 10 times).  (family welcome)

7. Bourdwalk On Bulverde.  This is not the Jersey Shore-roller coaster type of  boardwalk but rather a kick ass food truck park. If you’re into Pakistani eats, don’t miss the Rickshaw Stop. No really, DO NOT MISS. They have delightful saucity-sauces and tender juicy meats. If you’ve got chitlins, the boardwalk has a playground with swings and if you’ve got some vagabond in you, they occasionally have free beer… that’s right, FREE. You can find a bit more about their sauce HERE. (very, very family welcome)

8. Big Z’s. What do you get when you cross burgers, beer, and a plethora of  balls? No, not a bachelor party! Big Z’s baby. They have 2 locations and both have great quality (151) or (1604).  Whatever you do, don’t leave without getting your burger “dirty.” I love the patio at the 1604 location it’s a bit more rustic. But if you’re closer to 151 the food is on par there as well. (very, very family welcome, huge turf for plenty of ball tossin’)

9. The Cove  This place is for all my crunchy friends. They serve mostly organic food, oftentimes plucked from the in-house garden. There is also plenty of room to let the kids be as free-range as the chickens. (very, very family welcome, even a playground)

10. The PEARL Brewery: CIA bakery (with kids) or Il Sogno (lunch/dinner date).we love the pearl and it’s low-key end of the Riverwalk. There is a bunch of construction these days but don’t let it deter you. Either enjoy a lemonade (note: lemonade is fresh squeezed and even has a hint of vanilla) to go from the CIA followed by a picnic by the river. Or go on a hot date with your love at Il Sogno. The patio is small and, although we recommend getting a reservation, you don’t need one to sit there. (Thank you,SAfoodnazi for the insider patio scoop for Il Sogno).

Whether or not you live in San Antonio, I hope you are inspired to take advantage of a sunny day and eat outside.  Please, let me know your favorite patio-vino drinking spot? Maybe we can meet for a glass of cool breeze and an order of good eats.

Happy Second Day Of Spring!

*ALL above are SMOKE-FREE (a must). All opinions are my own, I was not compensated for the above information.





3 Days Till French Laundry…

♫♫♫ On The 10th Day Till French Laundry

My True Love Gave To Me ♫♫♫

♫♫♫ 10 Pipin’ Hot Peppers

I had lunch today at my favorite local hot spot

RoMo’s Cafe.

10 Peppers perfectly placed on top of…

The RoMo Signature San Antonio Cheese Steak.

Not on the menu folks, you must special order this bad boy.  Ok, picture succulent house shaved Texas ribeye meeting jalapeno pepper slaw and melted provolone cheese and making sweet love on top of a fluffy brioche bed.

Holy Cow. It was Delicious to say the least.  Did I mention the avocado mousse on top  Yes It was blissful.

* All opinions are my own, I was not compensated for this post or my meal. It was that good.

(*Photo credit: mrbigben.com)

A Local’s Lunch

RoMo’s Cafe 

7627 Culebra Road, Suite 107 San Antonio, TX 78251

Being that I live on the West Side of San Antonio near Sea World {insert crickets chirping} and I frequently joke about the lack of quality home-grown food around here, you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered RoMo’s. Yes, I may have done a few double handed fist pumps or jumped for joy so hard I peed my pants a bit.  Great service. Unassuming Atmosphere (yep in a strip mall). No, it’s not Italian despite the name.   Affordable gourmet; who can resist the idea of tasty comfort food that doesn’t break the bank?  Heck, you can come for lunch, dinner, wine, dessert, and then another round and still not feel like you need to take out a second mortgage.  More importantly, they try to use local ingredients, which for this side of town is nearly unheard of.  I trusted our server Robert and I ordered the roasted turkey sandwich on brioche bread with a warm melt-in-ya-mouth-cream-a-licous-sauce on it with some crispy bacon. The sandwich was complimented by a side of the homemade pumpkin bisque. I am quite sure the pumpkin seeds were freshly roasted and the luscious soup was velvety silky smooth. I know it’s a bit of a jaunt for you city slickers, but this suburban strip mall joint will not disappoint.  Order a special off the blackboard, a glass of the spa water (its got fresh cucumber, orange, lemon, and lime slices), some vino (they have some local wines too), and you may be comin’ to the burbs more often. {Wink}



RoMo’s is open Tuesday-Saturday 10a-9pm and Closed Sunday and Monday

* All Opinions are my own. I was not compensated for any of my meal.