Life Lesson 247: Never Eat Pizza Before A Tejas Rodeo.

This one goes out to all you Top Chef addicts…

My good friend and fellow blogger, Sarah V. at Wandering Off dot com wrote a great post titled: Don’t Wear Sandals To The Rodeo And Other Observations. Go ahead and read it.

Piggy-backing off her post let me explain my adventure in cuisine de la rodeo grub…

Wait. First, there are two things I must admit.

One, I am a Yankee and sometimes proud of it. Two, this was my first Rodeo. {Insert-crooked smile}

I had only my simple-minded stereotypes to guide me through this event. I pictured John Wayne and Dolly Parton types doin’ the two-step, lots of Texas grit, bull-riding, and grease monkey food corn-dog-on-a-stick dripping with cholestrol. Whatever my initial thoughts contained I was way off…

Being that the Rodeo starts at 7:30p we wanted to eat dinner beforehand.  I had a hair-brained idea to get pizza. I had heard of 46th St. Pizza which has a location near the rodeo so I figured “perfect, we avoid clogging our arteries, get a slice of NY style pie, AND get to enjoy the Rodeo.”  Getting to the point, I was wrong… Oh… So wrong.

After inhaling this decent-at-best version of NY style pizza, My hubby, our two kids and I set out to our first rodeo. We enjoyed watching the brave bull-riders, dirt stompin’ on the dance floor, and guzzling some good ole Texas Shiner beer. We left wanting more.

The following weekend we drove up to the Tejas rodeo AGAIN, this time on a Friday night and Again we ate beforehand.  Whoops, we missed the rodeo, it’s only on Saturdays.

We are amateur Texans.

Friday nights they have live outdoor music and beer drinkin.  We had some extra time on our hands without the rodeo actually going on.  I explored the on-site restaurant (Tejas Rodeo Steakhouse) while my man and the kids went out to hang with the horses and watch the cowboys practice under the rodeo lights.

I was absolutely surprised.  The food is is excellent!  The servers knew every answer to all my nosey foodie questions and I totally missed the boat ( twice)!

I called the rest of the family over and we sampled the following:

Pan De Tejas Flat Bread, I would come back just for this even if we missed the rodeo again. This plate was a total mouth orgasm if I’ve ever had one. Homemade flatbread, goat cheese, mixed greens, and of course bacon.

Fried Green Tomatoes which were just as good as the movie and came with a homemade gravy that rocked my world. Yes, I licked that there little bowl.

Succulent Texas peach cobbler for dessert.  As Emeril might say next week on Top Chef, “Bam!”

I basically interviewed our waiter, by the way he was also excellent, and got the scoop. The Tejas Steakhouse chef prides herself on using only the freshest local ingredients.  They harvest their own garden for some of their veggies and herbs.  They are known for their smokehouse meats which are smoked for over 14 hours and served up only on rodeo days. Boy, I was kicking my own Yankee butt after this major misjudgment.

Now I can’t speak for all rodeo cuisine out there but I can say that the Tejas rodeo will definitely have my patronage many times in the future.  You may even get to see a real cowboy butterin’ up his biscuits.

Ps. To really rub in my lack of judgement, the steakhouse is going to be featured next week on Top Chef. Score one for the Tejas.

Life Lesson 247: Never eat pizza before a Tejas rodeo.

Stop back for more edible-adventures AND life lessons- As this saucy mama gets schooled in Texas style eatin’


Tejas Steakhouse & Saloon is open Every Thursday thru Sunday night…and lunch Saturdays and Sundays


( Photo: My Pawwt-na and our Sparkly Princess)

* All opinions are my own I was not compensated for this post or the meal I ate at the Tejas Rodeo Steakhouse. I wish.

8 Days Till French Laundry…

♫♫♫ On The 8th Day Till French Laundry

My True Love Gave To Me ♫♫♫

♫♫♫ 5 Golden Sips…

Say What?

Yes, at 5pm tonight, I will be officially off “mom duty” and headed to my own little French Laundry right here in San Antonio, The Westin La Cantera. My favorite place to wine, dine, and pretend I’m on vacation for a couple hours.

Yes, I will be pampered with a Golden Margarita (my 5 golden sips)

AND if that wasn’t enough, I’m gettin’ a manicure. I imagine one hand sippin’ the gold and the other hand being massaged and painted all puurrdy by a burly man in a loin cloth.

Yes, I am counting the minutes.


Yes, I am living the dream, please pinch me.

Yes, this is the view.

Yes, this is in Texas.


PS. I will be tweeting with my third hand (mom’s have those) please follow me at #WLCmanis

Here’s the Deal-E-O. Manicures are available at Castle Rock Health Club & Spa and while you’re there you should visit the beautiful newly renovated Steinheimer’s Lounge (get a Shrimp Campechana appetizer it’s pretty much the most amazing salsa-esq thing you’ll ever eat).

(photo credit Westin La Cantera)

* Yes I am receiving a complimentary margarita and manicure from the Westin La Cantera, however, all opinions are my own. If you need more info. visit my disclaimer page)

A Local’s Lunch

RoMo’s Cafe 

7627 Culebra Road, Suite 107 San Antonio, TX 78251

Being that I live on the West Side of San Antonio near Sea World {insert crickets chirping} and I frequently joke about the lack of quality home-grown food around here, you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered RoMo’s. Yes, I may have done a few double handed fist pumps or jumped for joy so hard I peed my pants a bit.  Great service. Unassuming Atmosphere (yep in a strip mall). No, it’s not Italian despite the name.   Affordable gourmet; who can resist the idea of tasty comfort food that doesn’t break the bank?  Heck, you can come for lunch, dinner, wine, dessert, and then another round and still not feel like you need to take out a second mortgage.  More importantly, they try to use local ingredients, which for this side of town is nearly unheard of.  I trusted our server Robert and I ordered the roasted turkey sandwich on brioche bread with a warm melt-in-ya-mouth-cream-a-licous-sauce on it with some crispy bacon. The sandwich was complimented by a side of the homemade pumpkin bisque. I am quite sure the pumpkin seeds were freshly roasted and the luscious soup was velvety silky smooth. I know it’s a bit of a jaunt for you city slickers, but this suburban strip mall joint will not disappoint.  Order a special off the blackboard, a glass of the spa water (its got fresh cucumber, orange, lemon, and lime slices), some vino (they have some local wines too), and you may be comin’ to the burbs more often. {Wink}



RoMo’s is open Tuesday-Saturday 10a-9pm and Closed Sunday and Monday

* All Opinions are my own. I was not compensated for any of my meal.