Trading Red Roses For Red Meat

Trading Red Roses For Red Meat!

If you’re anything like me you don’t really dig the whole hoop-la of a fancy schmancy dinner just for Valentines Day. I detest red roses and rubbery tequila lime chicken by candlelight. It takes quite the menu to get me interested and it has to be a rock-star opportunity for me to actually put on my skinny jeans and get a sitter. Side Note: I actually have never met a woman who loves Red Roses.  Perhaps save the 50$ and take her out for a nice Red Steak instead. Heck, I’d take a Red Beet over a Rose. Just a thought.

The problem is there are so many places that feature a Valentines Menu but are any actually skinny jean and sitter worthy?

Don’t fret I’ve been on the case for you, but mostly for me. I think it takes a truly great place to actually feature off menu items to take V-Day out of Sysco’s hands and turn it into a culinary art project.  So far, this is what I have found to be worthy.

San Antonio, Tx

SAY SHE ATE TX  This totally hip and incredibly delicious food truck is gettin’ all fancy with a one-time popup restuarant. They are featuring a 3 course menu with cake pops to take home to your kiddos or to eat in the car (which I will be doing). If you’re solo or detest V-day you can grab a bite of this deliciousness at the truck itself which will be the “kitchen.” These guys even make thier own pepper jam. Nuff said.

 (Photo Credit: SaySheAteTX)

Cost: 40$ a person. Reservations still available. Call or text 210-446-8257 Menu: Online

RoMo’s Chef Rob is always making something flavorful and worth your bite/trip to the west west side. I believe there is also a flower and a special treat offered to all reserved tables. If you’re single check out the RoMo’s official Singles Awareness Day meal which will be featured the Saturday prior to Valentines.

 (Photo credit: RoMo’s)

Cost: 80$ for a couple if you are wine pairing an extra 35$. Reservations still available. 210-521-7666 Menu: Online

The Monterey Nothin’ says lovin’ like a pig’s head. Show your sweetie you savor her senses with a dish like this…

If the Valentine’s menu is anything like the New Years Eve menu then you are gettin’ lucky in more ways then one. Promise. The Monterey not only is the home of one of Texas’s rising  Chefs but it features local, organic, grass fed, farm-to-table food. I’m not sure about candlelight but you can swoon over your love on the back patio, there’s even a couch.

Francesca’s at Sunset Why not go big and have a stay-cation while you’re at it? Really, surprise your Foodie Mama and book a night at the Westin La Cantera. Get in on this menu at Francesca’s and heck you can even go in the hubba hubba hot tub after this meal and kiss under the stars. Awww. On that note here’s a sneak peak of another exclusive Valentine’s Menu. If it’s anything like the brunch I had a few weeks ago… I’m jealous. Pictured below is the Steak and Eggs at Francesca’s, it was as good as it looks.

Price:  65.00 per person call (210) 558-2253 to make your reservation Menu: Online

I Hope this helps make your Valentines Day less Hallmark and leaves more of a Hell-A-Va-Good-Food Mark-Spark.

Let me know if I missed your favorite spot. We’re all about sharing here. Cheers.

Foodishes of 2011 (Great Gift Ideas)

Defining Delicious Defines A Foodish: A fetish of any and all things food related.

The Mama Foodist: Anything for a good bite. Most likely followed by a trail of cheerios.

Learning Tower This is the BEST thing I have ever spent 200$ on for my kids. I say this with no strings attached. You put this tower up to the counter and you get to cook, laugh, talk, crack eggs, relate and create with your kiddo. Available in all sorts of fab colors.

An Apron and Mini Apron From Anthropologie or Etsy. My daughter loves to have matching aprons and we make cupcakes in them (I know too cute).  It’s just one of those things you can’t ever get back.

Cloth Travel Chairi: This is great for foodie mamas who travel.

The Cooking Fool: Don’t stop just cook.

*Scale: A Vintage One. You need a scale. Digital Sucks.

Dish Towel from Anthropologie. I’m obessed with these things. They make my heart sing when I look at them.

Butter Dish I get more compliments on this butter dish then pretty much any other kitchen gadget I have. It has heart sing factor.

The Silver Spoon: Sophisticated Eater. Most likely wearing pearls.

*Measuring Spoons How freakin’ awesome are these?

**Speaking of Spoons how stickin’ fabulous is this silver spoon necklace? Handcrafted and the perfect Food Lover gift. Yes Honey, I want one. Please.

 Bad Ass Drinkie: He/She likes to get their drink on.

Big Ass Mugs I searched High and Low for these. My husband and I discovered them at the Gruene pottery festival last year. The perfect size with a burn proof handle. Perfection in a Big Ass Mug.

Strand Tea The tea princess in me ONLY drinks this loose leaf tea, handcrafted in Oregon.


*Blue Bottle Coffee This coffee is sure to get you high fives from any coffee snob. Do coffee snobs even give high fives?

*Kick Ass French Press Mug   It wont break in your sink.  Yes. Please.

Enhance Your Kitchen’s Chi

*Etsy Kitchen Art


*Kitchen Candles: Aveda Holiday Candles get me every year. They’re even fair-trade.

Plants/Herbs:  This little Mom n Pop herb shop delivers to your door.

*Homemade with Love Gift from  How cool is this DIY idea for Kitchen Plants/Herbs? Yes Please.

Check back soon for some more Homemade from Love gift ideas.

* My wish List (Hint-Hint)

All opinions are my own.