A life well fed 2012.

So it’s the last few days of 2012, the year that the world was supposed to end. Yet, instead of the world ending a lot of beautiful things have blossomed. Here is Defining Delicious year in review, the food, the delicious, and the really freakin’ awesome. In no particular order…

1. One of my best girl friends, Kayte Billerman opened up The Good Bite Kitchen, on July 5th. The Good Bite Kitchen is an ALL vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the-middle-of-now where, AKA my hometown Lake Placid. You can people watch, smell farm fresh foods being roasted, and have a slice of homemade cake. A true gem.

good bite

2. My baby brother lands a job a NOMA, you can bribe me now for a reservation, I’m actually not kidding.


5. San Antonio opens up some stellar new spots to feed us: Bakery Lorraine, Bird Bakery, Hot Joy (which is a pop-up from The Monterey my fav brunch spot), Nao opened by the CIA, The Boiler House (great spot for wine and pork belly skewers),  The Brooklynite (amazing cocktails and food trucks), Laurent’s Modern CuisineUncommon Fare which was opened by Tim-The- Girl and offers healthy, fresh lunches. We are getting cooler by the minute people.


6. Adam Roberts, one of my all time favorite food bloggers The Amateur Gourmet.com writes a book, Secrets of the Best Chefs: Recipes, Techniques, and Tricks from America’s Greatest Cooks. My other all time favorite local food writers John Griffin and Bonnie Walker write a book, The Food Lovers Guide To San Antonio.  Seriously Delicious Words, People.


7. I land a dream job working for the amazing Chef Jason Dady and his incredible wife Crystal. Talk about a Delicious Life… I’ve spent many days and nights at BIN 555, Tre Trattoria both in Alamo Heights and Downtown, Two Bros. BBQ and The DUK truck. I’ve been basking in the wonderful life talking about, writing about, and eating food that is inspired by passionate people. If you are reading this and wishing you were me, go for it… not my job (back off bitches) but your own dream job. Take life by the meat balls and make it your own homemade version of pasta fagioli.

quote beyoutiful


8. I met Gail Simmons at The Austin Food and Wine Festival. I read her book and decided these three words were also mine. Food. Travel. Writing. That is who I am, this is what I do, the life I live is created by these words. What are your three words?


9. I travelled to Anna Maria Island with my best friend and writer, Kristen Maneri (Orlando Great Dates). We made feasts, we drank wine, we went out for dinners, we met strange locals, and we laughed until our tummy’s hurt.


10. THE BEST MEAL OF 2012 was….

The pancakes made by my babies. Hands-down. It’s wonderful when your children are just old enough to crack eggs, beat them (the eggs not the children), and flip an ole flap jack to the depths of it’s crisp edges.  The pure joy of Lilah flipping the cakes, Charlie cracking his first egg and the huge freakin’ mess in the kitchen is and will always be cherished in my mind. Not to mention, the Cornell fresh maple syrup that comes from the most beautiful place in the world, served on the side. It’s more than a meal, it’s a sticky, brown circle of heaven.

Best Meal in San Antonio was at Laurent’s Modern Cuisine, French accents included. The pre-fixe menu is chef inspired each day, the service is phenomenal, and the atmosphere is cozy yet chic.


For a great list of New Years Eve menus around The Alamo City check out SAVORSA.com. (Of course, I highly recommend BIN555, Tre Trattoria Alamo Heights and Downtown. They have not-to-be-missed-menus, call TODAY).


2012 was full of Delcious Digesting, *and* the world did not end. 2013 is just around the corner and is full of huge possibilities, amazing meals with friends, family, and strange locals. More greatness being cooked up by The Dady’s and their mini empire that I get to be a part of. More books to be devoured, more chubby cheeked kisses to soak up, and more memories to create. Cheers.


eat well

And if you are what you eat be Delicious.



Austin Food and Wine Feast-ival or Fest-EVIL?

I’m not a festival goer. In fact, the last festival I attended was Bonnaroo in the year 2006 BC (Before Children). I spent most of the weekend dehydrated, sweaty, and whining on my yoga mat. Being that I am a total extrovert and that I fill my metaphorical cup with social situations, you might think festivals would be my thing, right?  Answer: No Way. Actually, I tend to despise being trapped in hot places with overpriced, crappy food and blender vendors galore. That being said, when I got an opportunity to work with the Austin Food and Wine Festival this year, I jumped at the offer.  This makes absolutely no sense, right?

Let me expand.  The concept of being surrounded by people who can talk about high notes, deep flavors, and a hint of foodie gossip for an entire weekend, strums my food lovin’ heart strings. Really does it get any better? Let’s not forget, the chance to spend 3 days eating, drinking and talking about food leaves me deeply enthralled. I normally get a total of 3 minutes just to eat dinner. I do however, have one last little hurdle to climb over, the term “festival” still leaves a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended). I tend to think of it more as a…

Fest * EVIL- A diverse group of dirty hippies, sopping in marijuana sweat. All baked (literally) in the holy hell heat of the Tennessee sun with overpriced food and a hellava lot of vendors selling dank goo balls and hemp necklaces.  (Note: usage of the word Evil)


I’m really hoping Austin Food and Wine is more of a…


FEAST * ival – A diverse gathering of food lovers.  Each participant feasts on scrumptious eats and flirts with succulent libations.


I get it, there is a cost to hob-nob with the finest Chefs and foodie-winesters in the Nation. BUT…what better way to spend your money if you’ve saved up for a special weekend? Kiss my fine foodie-fingers if you judge me but I’m getting my white apron signed by Top Chef, Paul Qui.  Side Note: vendors, please stop trying to sell me SH** I don’t want. I haven’t been to the Austin Food and Wine Festival ever, so I cannot yet say that this event is surely worth every penny. What I can say is that it looks cooler than MC hammer pants in the early 90’s (check event schedules HERE). Personally, I  will be spending the entire weekend stalking looking for Gail Simmons – I adore her. And hopefully, getting my brain full of culinary factoids by Chef Marcus Samuelsson.  I’ll be full of duck confit a la rouge in the tasting tent regardless but the real question is will the Austin Food and Wine Feast-ival be worth the buck and duck? Or will it be just like Bonnaroo all hype and no substance.  Only time and a lot of wine will tell.  If this event is as good as it looks, you’re gonna know it.  If the organizers have sold their souls from the back of a Sysco truck you’re gonna know it too.

Some Insider Deets:

This event is NOT family friendly- you must be 21 to attend.

Dates: April 27, 28 and 29 in Austin, TX

Cost: A regular weekender ticket is $250 (remember it’s so worth it to avoid vendors).

Click HERE for Tickets sales information.

Location: Auditorium Shores (Disch Feild) in Downtown Austin. There are still some Hotels available within walking distance- but grab them fast.


Hope to toast with you at the event. Check back soon to see if I rated Austin Food and Wine a good time FEAST-ival or wont ever go back- Fest-EVIL?  I really hope no one is going to try to sell me magic mushrooms or a new blender (fingers crossed).




***Full Delishclosure: I am working with Austin Food and Wine As A Blogger/Insider Deets Giver. They are giving me a ticket. However, this in NO way shapes my opinions.  Regardless, I would be going to this great event. In fact, I am buying a ticket for a good friend to come along with me ($250), getting a hotel for the weekend (500$) and bringing a babysitter (200$).  No profit to be made but plenty of material to write about.