Are food festivals just for “Foodies”?


As you remember I LOVE the term, “foodie.”   We can say that until there is a societal agreement on a new term for high brows that like to eat, we will stick to it.  We could also do some damage with the liquid version of “foodie,” AKA “wine-oh.”   In short, Wine-oh’s could be…. 1. Any NPR listener that speaks in high notes and long legs 2. A cougar ( the female not feline) with a shit load of make up and slurred speech or 3. A drunk that calls her or himself a “wine oh.”  I am sure the real “wine oh’s ” are not even called “wine-oh’s” but some elitist term that only cool cats (skinny jeans and rimmed glasses) know about and use only with present company. Either way, you catch my drift… People who like to eat and drink are starting to take over the world. There are festivals, celebrities that became celebrities because they cook good shit, and dozens of people who follow these “celebrity chefs” with big cameras. The real question is, are  we common folk welcome to such festivities….?

The practical side of brain says…

1. Can I afford a ticket?

2. Can I afford to drink a plethora of wine for three days straight?

3. Can I afford to eat my weight in bad ass food made by noted “celebrity” chefs?



Whether you are a ….


(photo credit)


Or A….








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All  types of “foodies”  and “winies” are welcome…

Yes, my dear friends I am here to tell you, come one …Come ALL to such gluttonous food festies. In fat.. I mean fact,  the worse off you are in the food and drink world, the better. You get to bask in cooking and wine tasting seminars, drink with high brows, eat with local and national talented food makers and shakers and the list goes on.  Seriously! Hit that shit up and do it now… I must admit, I was a bit skeptical last year, at Austin Food and Wine, it was hot, it was dusty, and there seemed to be less food then drink— However, the Food and Wine Gods listened and this year they brought it– and they brought it BIG. There were live fire pits with talented chefs like Rene Ortiz and Jason Dady  creating things like lamb tacos, and red snapper with kewpie. There were local artisan food makers like Pate Letelier and Butterface Bakery that made my top two list. Of course, there was plenty of wine, booze and hot, muscled tattooed guys pouring such libations. It was hot in more ways than one, but there was plenty of shade and the porta potties had some killer a/c.


smoke afw

(Photo: Defining Delicious, Smoked Oysters)



And even if you are stone cold sober or on a diet you can enjoy yourself. Andrew Zimmern the well known Bizarre Foods TV host does not drink alcoholic bevearages and he seemed to have a grand time.  He even travels with 3 female body guards( aka his wife and pr agents) but still… if you are vegan or even a veg head you can still find your way. Susan Finegar, a famous LA chef specializes in health inspired vegetarian fare and made a kick ass vegetarian taco at the Rock Your Taco event. If you are counting beans, maybe just get the weekender pass and fill your purse with cheese samples.  If you are counting your calories, just drink a ton of alcohol and skip the cheese. The point is, foodie festies are NOT just for the white collar crowds, there is a bit of somethin’ somethin’ for all types of folks.

susan F

(Photo: Defining Delicious, Susan Fenigar’s Delish Veggie Taco)

To help your planning out here are some stellar food festivities coming up around the country….

Aspen Food and Wine Festival   June 14-16

Nashvile Eats is September 21-22

Chicago Gourmet presented by Bon Apetite is September 27-29

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival September 1-9

Charleston Food Festival March 4-7

New York City Food and Wine Festival  October 17-20



Austin Food and Wine 

Culinaria, San Antonio’s own Food and Wine Festival and Restaurant Week


* I was given a media pass for Austin Food and Wine, however all opinions are my own.




Delicious Life: Bringin’ Home The Turkey Bacon

So yeah, rememeber back when I was putting out to the universe I really wanted a dream job… Well, I got what I wished for and a hot bowl of homemade pasta. I’m the proud Marketing Manager, for The Jason Dady Restuarant Group. It’s the best job I could have ever asked for. I get to write, create, inspire, and eat wonderful food e-v-e-r-y-single day.  Award-Winning Chef Jason Dady makes local ingredients sing on a porcelain plate at 4 local restaurants and a food truck. For example, this scallop dish with crispy pancetta, fennel puree and huckleberries at BIN 555. Yes. I am in LOVE.


Although, I’m as excited as a coon in a trash can, I must admit being a workin’ mama, even a part-time is an effin’ challenge. (Can I digress? The whole ‘Part-Time’ thing is like the whole ‘half-marathon’ thing. It’s still work and it’s still 13.2 miles of running… Seriously!)

Let me enlighten you…

– It’s 7:00am… I’ve just stepped in SHI*, spilled a carton of milk on my new skirt, cleaned up both shi*t and milk, wiped butts with shi* and something that looks like it may have once been milk on them, cleaned my sparkly hot work clothes from both liquids, made fruit and veggie-fresh lunches for two kids, made coffee and a green smoothie for me, packed a bag to hit the gym after work and kiddo pick-up, packed a bag full of snacks, diapers, and multiple changes of clothes, all while making breakfast, putting make-up on, wiping my own butt, cleaning up the mess that ensued while I was cleaning the other mess, checked emails to make sure I am remembering my daughters pre-school field trips, wiped another kiddo’s butt, packed the car to the brim with all of thee above (including wiped-butted kiddos and self with semi clean work clothes), drove to meet our nanny who takes one kiddo while the other kiddo is at pre-school, raced to my job while listening to 90’s hits, worked for as many  hours as possible, drink as much coffee as possible, laughed at myself and my silly mistakes as often as possible, packed up from a seemingly quick day at the job of  my dreams, only to pick up kids with unwiped butts, go to the gym,  sweat my own butt off,  raced home before kiddos melt down,  only to make a healthy dinner (scratch that- 3 effin’ dinners), wiped more butts, answered phone calls from people who think I’m dead, drank some wine, wiped up something that spilled while I was drinking copius amounts of said wine, bathed all the humans in the house, read The Three Little Pigs for the millionth time,  put clean (for the moment) kiddos to sleep, tried to read a few pages of a book I’ve been milking since June (no pun intended) and then off to sleep…

And that’s just ONE day!  Multiply that by 5 and you just got a little taste of what we mama’s take on.

Hence, My New Recipe for Work-Family Life Juggle….

Something Sparkly (preferably drinks but pearls, water in a martini glass, diamonds, and sequins work too)  & on a lucky day crunchy chickpeas and crab croquettes from BIN 555 with your best friend.

ADD This Philosophy (thanks, Kim)



And you should be good to go, at least until 7:00am.

How do you survive your days with or without cleaning butts and spilling milk?


*Note: all opinions are my own, independent of my employer. I was not paid for this post, I just love my job that much!

Spring 2012 Edible Adventures

I love food planning. No, not menu planning. That is reserved for people who are far more organized than me. I’m talking about food events that I get to look forward to eat, and eat, and eat at. San Antonio was one of the featured cities of this season’s Top Chef, so we’ve hit the ground running in the culinary scene. That’s right folks, San Antonio is becoming less known for the best taco ever and more of a hub for the best meal you’ve ever had. So, if you’re a local food enthusiast and you want to jump on the food-lovin’ bandwagon or if you’re just hungry, join us and jump into some spring events to tickle your taste buds.

March 11 The beautiful and historic Pearl Brewery, will be featuring talented chef’s from all over the WORLD (I told y’all we’re gettin’ fancy up in here) for an Iron Chef style paella competition. Tickets are 50$ ( includes more Paella than your Spanish grandma ever made, in her lifetime) or 60$ at the door. There is also a 12 and under ticket available so bring the kiddos. Tickets include: adult drinks and a chance to get some ‘liquid courage’ and talk with celebrity chefs. Maybe a cheesy autograph to show your grand kids? Read more about the event and get your tickets HERE (This event is Family-Welcome).

March 24 The Special Projects Social (TSPS) will be having a rockin’ after party. TSPS is San Antonio’s featured pop-up style restaurant. Some of my Foodie Mama friends (SAfoodNazi and Mama2aidan) attended the last event and raved about the food, art and colorful company. Tim Mcdiarmid known as Tim the girl, is a New York City native turned San Antonio transplant. Tim brings her fresh city palette and unique culinary skills with her and is making local food lova’s go coo coo for her tasty pop-up. Unfortunately, dinner tickets sold out but you can still come bust-a-move with us at the after party. Tickets are 40$ and can be bought HERE if you cant make this one check the TSPS site for the next event or join Tim and friends for an amazing trip they have planned for Italy this summer.  I know, she’s super- food- woman, like most of Tim’s events, tickets go quickly so seize the day and jump into an Italian foodie dream week. (None of the above events are Family-Welcome).

March 26 What do you get when you mix good eats and good peeps? That’s right, The SA Chef Coalition Dinner. Well known local Chef Andrew Weissman (owner of Il Sogno and Sandbar) is leading the SA Coalition pack alongside other talented San Antonio Chefs. This culinary powerhouse team is combining forces to make San Antonio hit the mark with incredible edibles on a National Scale. On March 26, there will be a family style dinner open to the public. Join these amazing trail blazers and enjoy good food and fabulous conversations. I put my request in for a seat (wink) and you can too. Tickets are 95$ and to reserve a spot  for more information on the SA Chef Coalition click HERE (This event is not Family-Welcome).

March 31 One of our beloved Foodie Mama’s Tara ( Mama2aidan) is sadly leaving us for Arizona. Despite our tears we are Foodie Mama’s after all and will be having a farewell dinner at Restaurant Gwendolyn. If you are a Foodie Mama and on twitter click HERE to reserve your seats and if you’re not on twitter and would like to join the Foodie Mama’s as we eat, drink and make food porn, please email me. ( (This event is just for Foodie Mama’s. Sorry fellas)

Check Back soon as I have some Delicious April Adventures in the works!