5 Last Suppers of 2011

5 places I will be fantasizing about this New Years Eve as I sit in San Antonio babysitter-LESS and in my hummus stained yoga pants (my kid has a real thing for hummus).

Liquids and Solids in Lake Placid NY. I would like to ring in the New Year not only in my hometown, with my favorite people on the planet, but in this hip place with ecclectic farm to table fare.  Oh and maybe sipping on a balsamic fizz and kissing a local ski bum. Amen.

I’d eat these scallops and crispy sage again in a heartbeat! (Picture taken from my Fall 2011 trip to Liquids and Solids).

Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder CO. Exceptional Italian fare with an impeccable wine list, not to mention a hottie Top Chef Master Lachlan Mackinnon Patterson and even cuter Sommeliers. What better way to ring in the New Year than with some good ole fashioned eye candy AND good eats?

I never thought I’d love sardines (pictured above).  Actually I don’t love sardines, except when I’m at Frasca.

Flour and Water in San Fransisco. New Year = New Restaurants. This new restaurant delivered the best service I had in 2011.  The food compliments the service with delicately perfected house made pasta, oven fired pizza, and this dish with a light green Romanesco.

 Candle 79 in NYC Speaking of green spikes. Why not start your New Year with some elegant roughage and a clean colon? Twice I distinctly remember having vivid dreams about this place.  I am not ordinarily a big fan of vegan dining.  I think that making really good vegan food is very very challenging and most chefs just don’t make the cut.  Candle 79 is the exception in my book.  The dishes are artistically plated and the ambiance is wonderful but most importantly, the meal is succulent and delicious.  I’d trade some bubbly for a shot of wheatgrass any day.


The Ravenous Pig in Orlando FL All this vegan talk has got me craving bacon and cheese. I would like to nestle up in a cozy chair tonight at the Ravenous Pig. The meats are house cured and the flavors are surely a way to rock in the New Year.  I particularly loved the unassuming atmosphere at this spot.  Given the clientele and the location in Winter Park Florida I feared the staff would hoity toity their way right to my black list.  Quite to the contrary though, everyone from the busboy to the chef who came out to greet our table made me feel like I was coming in for a meal at home sweet home.

(Above is a picture of the house cured charcuterie and cheese plate, photo credit: urbanspoon)

Come on make me jealous… Where will you be having your last supper of 2011?

Where ever it is, I hope you enjoy your last bites of the year. Cheers and thank you for reading.