An Edible Adirondack Q & A

Q. Where have I been for over a month?

A. The Great Adirondack Region of Upstate New York in the beautiful little town of Lake Placid.

Q. Like that movie with that huge alligator, right?

A. No, not at all! Please never ask that question again!

Q. Oh. Ok, what the heck have you been doing there for a whole month?

A. Driving down roads that looked like this…

Eating Food that looked like this…

 ( Breakfast at Chair 6 in Lake Placid, NY)

And This…


 (Lunch at Cafe Rustica Lake Placid, NY)

Oh and This…

 (Dinner at Liquids and Solids in Lake Placid, NY)

Q. So… you’re telling me that you have been living my Autumn fantasies while I’ve been sitting on my biscuits waiting for you to post something on this blog?

A. Yes. Now get off your bicuits and go make some gravy! Get a plane ticket and visit this hidden gem of a place before it’s covered with powered sugar!

Here I’ll even throw in a week or two’s worth of savory suggestions:

Q. Ok, where do I get a killer breakfast with perfect poached eggs?

A. Chair 6 Owner Charlie Levitz is a total character and this place is an emblem of wholesome charm. You will find a cozy setting (only about 6 tables), great service, and incredible breakfasts. Must order: breakfast burrito with extra sauce and a side of sweet potato pancakes (they use local maple syrup).

Downtown Diner Homemade bread & bottomless coffee. Must order: The Palace Eggs. You should definitely stop and pick some up real maple syrup at the  Cornell University Maple Syrup Shack on bear cub rd. on your way into town.  You can tour the facilities, learn how maple syrup is made, and meet Maple Mike. He is the only guy I ever met who is getting a phD in maple studies.

Blue Moon Cafe This place is a 10 minute drive from Lake Placid in Saranac Lake. They have toys for kids to play with while you wait for your breakfast, self-serve bottomless coffee, they have cute hippie servers, and amazingly amazing homemade baked goods. They even make their own english muffins! Must order: two moons over saranac with poached eggs and a grilled mixed berry muffin.

For an extra special “I’m going to splurge today” type of treat go to the Lake Placid Lodge for breakfast.   It is a 30 dollar all inclusive culinary experience.  It was top ranked in Travel and Leisure magazine.  They have the best view in town overlooking Lake Placid and I promise you will be pinching yourself with delight.  It’s everything you would expect from a luxurious Adirondack breakfast at one of the finest hotels in the entire world!

Q. Where Do I Find A Locals Lunch?

A. Lisa G’s Must order: the greek wings they make with house made creamy feta dip. To-Die-For! OMG! (Tip: they are closed on Tuesdays).

Simply Gourmet  Make your own sammy here and yes, I ate there 5 times during my stay. My dream sammy is: pepper turkey, cheddar, grilled onions, apples, cranberry horseradish sauce, maple mayo, and house-made coleslaw, on grilled onion roll. If my creation doesn’t sound good to you, no worries, there are 46 sandwiches to choose from! They also make their own rolls, breads, soups and more.  You can sit outside when the weather cooperates and meet some of the locals who are friendly as can be.

Cafe Rustica Great lunch specials, wood fired pizza, homemade soups, incredible service, and a wonderful wine list. Order the tropical salad and a soup-of-the-day.  Come back when the sun goes down for a Rustica pizza (pictured above).

 (Tropical Salad at Cafe Rustica)

Eat N Meet  This Little Gem is also in Saranac Lake and worth the drive or train ride. All things are made from scratch and are made to order. They use the finest local ingredients and make you feel like you are visiting a friend’s house for lunch. (Tip: take the kids on the train from Lake Placid to Saranac Lake, walk around town, go to the park, and then stop here for lunch).

Q. How About Delicious Dinners?

A. Interlaken Inn Pub This place is the true off-the-beaten-path treasure.  Nestled in Lake Placid lies this quaint B&B with incredible gourmet food made from local ingredients.  If you go to the pub side you can bring the kiddies without feeling like you may be interrupting someone’s 50th anniversary dinner. Order the crab cakes for an appitizer and ANYTHING off the menu~

Desperados  Irish/Mexican? Say what? Here you will find: Homemade sauces, freshly made guacamole, house-made flour chips, and a hint of Irish flair. Must order Chicken enchiladas with Mole and large order of guacamole (Tell Andrew Quinn- the owner- Emily sent you, and ask for a side of cruda it’s a local code word for the fresh chunky salsa).

Liquids and Solids One of the only restaurants I have EVER been to that does not use anything from Sysco! Every and all things are crafted with fresh and local ingredients and The place to eat for eclectic creative fare. Things like: crispy sage, Coffee crusted pork belly, house-made ketchup, and duck pastrami appear on the menu at times, but all things change with the seasons. Another “order anything” type of place. You will not be disappointed.

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery Must Order an UBU and a Pub Burger!  Their UBU ale is world famous.

Mr. Mikes Pizza True NY style pizza completely from scratch. Hand-tossed dough, sauce made from ripe tomatoes, freshly peeled garlic, and the place large enough for your whole family to sprawl out and then some! Order a Mediterranean salad, make your own pizza, and get a couple of meatballs on the side. ( Please tell David Nicola – the owner – that Emily sent you).

Q. So basically you’re telling me all you do is eat in Lake Placid?

A. One may think all you do is eat in Lake Placid. However, you do develop an appetite from all the outdoor activities you experience while visiting this outdoor recreational foodie town. Mountains surround you, the lake in the center of town has a sidewalk all the way around it.  There is an Olympic Ski resort 15 minutes from town, half way around the lake lies a playground and a beach.  There is swimming, biking, hiking, skiing, running, ski jumping, roller blading, strolling, skipping, horseback riding, yoga, and so much more to do here you will see why it was so easy for me to stay for a month and not open my computer once.

Go Now. Enjoy. Bring the Kids.  Bring your friends and be friendly with the locals.  You may end up living there!

** All opinions are my own. Yes, I do love this town but No, I was not comped for any meals.

For more information please see my disclaimer page.