5 Must Eat Boulder Bites

I love Boulder

Not only does my kid brother live there, but Boulder is a mecca for good food, mountain activities and good living.  There are more Tibetan prayer flags in this town than there are bike paths.  And that’s saying something.

I would like to condense my Boulder love into 5 must eat Boulder bites. I’ll leave it up to you to find these places and visit Boulder on your next Bohemian dream vacation.

In no particular order, if you’re lucky enough to be in Boulder for 5 days or even 5 hours check out these bites…

1. The Junk Burger from Mountain Sun Brewery.  Get a side of BBQ sauce and ask for blue cheese crumbles as your cheese and you’ll be drippin’ grass fed beef down your arms with a huge smile from ear to ear.  For extra points get there during happy hour.

2. Grilled Veggie Sandwich from The Kitchen and go for the garlic fries. The Kitchen is a total farm to table dream eatery. The kids menu should be modeled around the country. Fist pump for the Kitchen also providing healthy AND delicious kid options.  They got the colors, the smells, and the flavors perfectly in line for your kiddo to have a healthy delicious home grown meal. I digress, but please check back soon for my post on “Family Welcome Dining.” Pictured below is the Grilled Veggie Sandwich from the kitchen.

3. The “Cozze” pizza from Pizzeria Locale.  What the heck is “Cozze”? A thin wood fired crust covered in a zesty marinara sauce and sprinkled with plump mussels. I was a bit hesitant about this pizza as it has no cheese…that’s right folks no friggin’ cheese. Coming from a cheese hound like myself, I promise this pizza will deliver itself.  For extra points ask your server to tell you the stories behind the pizza oven and about the prosciutto slicer.

4. A potsticker or 4 potstickers from Zoe MaMa’s. Zoe Mama’s is a cozy small grab n go joint featuring Chinese street food.  It is owned by a sweet Chinese lady that everyone calls “Mama.” Let me tell you Mama makes a mean potsticker among other dishes in her small wholesome cafe.  She came out from behind the counter and played with my kids for 20 minutes on my 2nd time in there.  This lady could melt ice cream with her eyes alone.  A chat with Mama is worth the trip all by itself.  Those pot stickers are filled with fresh shrimp, luscious pork, and a hodge podge of veggies.  A place like Boulder caters to all of your food quirks so if you’re in to vegan, gluten free, dye free or locally grown they have great options.  For extra points get a hug from Mama. Pictured below are the “original” potstickers.

5. Fried Cauliflower with Cumin Yogurt from Cafe Aion. This small plate will make a big impression. Holy cow speaking of cheese, that was cheesy.  If you’re not a big fan of cauliflower I still dare you to try these.  A nice crisp, refreshing, creamy cumin-infused yogurt dip balances the comfort food and healthy side of this dish.

Travel. Eat. Enjoy.