cont-bg2We are on a mission to define what delicious really is,
in all ways.

“The art of creating delicious foods and drinks comes from ones soul, like any other art form.”

—Emily, Founder of Defining Delicious

Hello. Welcome to our collaborative, we are a group of creatives, composed of all kinds and sorts that have gathered to define what “Delicious” really means and how we can manifest it in our lives and in turn share it with you.

etchings-escargotBottlesWe work to keep the food and drink culture alive and “homegrown.” Each day we strive to do our best to help your business grow and your passions stay focused on what it is you are meant to create, you focus on your business and we help it grow. We do all of our campaigns from scratch, and we specialize in all things delicious. From Plates of farm fresh foods to Pours of coffee or cocktails we are here to make your story press worthy and shine Deliciously.

If you are a chef or an owner of a bar or restaurant and you have been burdened with how to get the word out about who you are and what you speicialze in—or you continue to have special dinners and no one is showing up, we can help—creating a campaign for you, is actually what WE are passionate about.

LZ4A9649If you are a writer and looking for ways to connect to editors to publish your ingenious story ideas, wish to write a cookbook and have it published, but seem to be hitting road blocks of rejection—we can help. As connecting professional to their passions is what WE are passionate about.

If you are an artist or photographer and looking to shoot more food and drink shots—we can help. As connecting you to our clients is what WE are passionate about.

etchings-cutePieIf you are a food or beverage brand and looking for ambassadors to further your personal connection and broaden your reach—we can help. We have a network of businesses, bloggers and writers who will expand your reach and personalize your reputation with a personal-touch component.

If you are curious about how to LOVE yourself, honor your body and become more conscious about what you eat and drink—we can help. We offer classes and special events that connect people to wellness and  self-awareness seminars led by extremely talented professionals.