What To Wear To The Library Foundation’s Fabulously French White Party?

You know how much we love to eat and drink for a cause. Nothing like some community productive multitasking, right? And San Antonio has so much to offer. From Culinaria’s Jazz Brunch coming up next Sunday to The Library Foundation’s Nuit Blanche party tonight and much more in between. We are thrilled to share some fabulous food fundraising events that involve equally fabulous dining options.  Yet, what does one wear to these occasions? Delicious dresses? We think so…

Tonight we will be walking the white carpet with The San Antonio Library Foundation, trust us when we say, they knowhow to throw a party. Tonight marks the 5th Annual Nuit Blanche dinner at the Landa Library Gardens. This event screams fashion, fabulous food and fun.

The beautiful Landa garden is set to be “drenched in white French inspired decorations while vintage Parisian films procured by Ghost Town Ventures writer/producer/director Alex Schenker flicker in the background. The Foundation modeled Nuit Blanche after the fabulously famous “Diner en Blanc” held annually in Paris where thousands of fashionable Parisians, dressed all in white, converge on the city’s most picturesque locations for a feast where they bring their own epicurean banquet.”

So clearly we are thinking….

What do we wear to a Parisian inspired white party? Think beautiful library park meets this…


And of course we have to add some of our favorite local restaurants and chefs like The Esquire Tavern, Larder at The Hotel Emma, Tim The Girl and The Hotel Valencia who will be providing French/Continental inspired meals to the overall look of the event.- So we put on our food-lover fashionista pants on and looked at some of our favorite sites for 3 white looks to compliment the party. Because when you live in Texas every season is white season….

We love modcloth.com for funky meets fun.


These adorable shoes ($129.99) with the touch of turquoise combined with this little white dress ($59.99) screams outdoor dinner.


We also love the sleeves on this white dress combine it with a pair of boots, is the perfect white party meets fall look and the site gojane.com is also very affordable ($48.00).


Maybe you want to find something local? May we suggest checking out Penny Lane in Alamo Heights- we found a little dress that looked like this on the sale rack- and we are thinking a pair of cute red shoes will compliment it perfectly.



Party starts at 7pm and to check out the list of fabulous contributors, more incredible events that the Library Foundation is hosting and also more information  find all those details HERE.

And if you are what you eat, drink and wear make it all Delicious…

The Defining Delicious Events Team