Hot Wells “Harvest Chic” Feast(ing)

As many of your know today is the day that we celebrate the annual eating and drinking festivities at Hot Wells Conservancy at The Hot Wells Harvest Feast. Over 35 chefs, bartenders, coffee baristas, and even some great local live musicians will be gathering to raise money and a glass to support a good cause. Chef Robbie Nowlin of CITRUS at The Hotel Valencia Riverwalk co-founded the “Feast” three years ago with local artist, Justin Parr and wine and food representative, Josh Kirk. The three along with the conservancy board created Hot Wells Harvest Feast as an honor to the ruins and a way to integrate the Texas food and beverage community for a unique event. This year’s line-up includes:


Food and Beverages:

Chef Robbie Nowlin-Citrus

· Bar Chef Jorel Pena-The Last Word

· Bar Chef Jaret Pena-The Brooklynite

· Chef Jason Dady-Jason Dady Restaurant Group

· Chef Stefan Bowers-Feast

· Chef Josh Cross-Toro Taco Bar

· Chef Brooke Smith-Esquire Tavern

· Chef Chris Jara-St Anthony Hotel

· Chef John Fahle-Outlaw BBQ

· Chef Brandon Mckelvey-Say.She.Ate

· Chef Harris Esparza-Compass Group

· Chef Rebecca Masson-Fluff Bake Bar-Houston

· Chef Zach Garza-Primero Cantina

· Charles Gonzales-Rosella Coffee

· Chef Jeff White-The Boiler House

· Chef Beto Gutierrez-Houston

· Chef Jeff Wiley

· Chef Quealy Watson-Hot Joy

· Chef Andrew Wiseheart-Gardner-Austin

· Chef PJ Edwards-Gardner-Austin

· Chef Geronimo Lopez-CIA/NAO

· Chef Mark Weaver

· Chef Luis Colon-FOLC

· Chef Halston Conella-Citrus

· Chef Tim Mcdiarmid- Tim-The Girl


With all of the top-chefs in town attending, we have been getting texts, calls and emails on what to wear- what is “Harvest Chic”? We know a ton about food but when it comes to dressing up, we thought we would ask on of our favorite Fashion meets Style Blogger, Aquila Mendez-Valdez of Haute in Texas, (check out her incredible blog).

To Aquila harvest chic means “… A long flowing maxi dress with a statement necklace and gold sandals. Something that will be comfortable, light, but still somewhat dressy. For the guys, a light-colored linen shirt with slacks…”

Something like these options:

4u9b71-l copyBusiness Casual look by Paul Fredrick - Linen Shirt, white cotton pants and brown leather shoes and accessories copy



how-to-wear-linen-pants-men copyl-5018 copy


Thanks, Aquila! In the meantime, a little black sundress and some boots work well too, but leave your heels at home. You don’t want to get them stuck in the dirt and have your pork belly on your lap, or spill any wine.

What Harvest Chic ISN’T:






We hope this helps.

Tickets are still available at the door or online, details are as follows:

Web ticket purchase here:

Address: Hot Wells is at 5503 S. Presa St. Tickets are $75 a person or $125 a couple

Time: 6pm-9pm



About Hot Wells Conservancy: Hot Wells Conservancy was created to preserve the vestiges of the historic Hot Wells Hotel and provide educational, cultural and environmental programming.

Thank you and we will see you there. And as always, if you are what you eat, drink and wear make it, Delicious.

The Defining Delicious Team

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