Wine. Wednesday. Wine. Wednesday.

We love to wine around here, if you haven’t noticed. No really,  it’s kind of like coffee and water at our office. No we aren’t sitting here getting our tipsy on all day, we really work- it’s just we love to end a day or two of the week with a wine social- invite our neighbors and blast some music. If you ask us, there aren’t really a lot of other ways to celebrate a mid-week day then popping or corking something vino-ish. We want to share our favorite wine-ering holes around town. Wine not, right? Ok we will stop now…



1.  The Last Word: not only are there plenty of cocktails on tap, but The Last Word has a stellar bubbly menu as well. Enjoy a bottle of your favorite or maybe try something new and don’t forget reservations are accepted. Address: 229 East Houston St #10



2. MAX’s Wine Dive: We love the energy and enthusiasm of this place- always something off beat and we cannot leave without the fried egg sandwich, any bottle of wine tastes good with that- trust us. Say hello to Manisse, their Wine Sales Manager- she’s amazing and knows her drinks. Address:  Quarry Village, 340 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209


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3.  Folc: this new gem in Olmos Park has become the talk of the town- it’s funky menu and inspired cocktail list may make you say no to wine- but they even have a great list to compliment our two favorite must-have menu items, pea toast and roasted chicken- we know, chicken is not the normally awesome thing to order on a cool places menu- but man-oh-man this chicken is not to be missed- get the whole chicken and have the rest as a midnight snack. Address:  226 East Olmos Drive, San Antonio, TX 78212



4. The Monterey: You can’t go wrong with the wine list at The Monty- it’s just right. The best sherry list around, sherry is a thing, yes. They recently added a stellar line-up of cocktails and an excellent wine list. You cannot go wrong with the brussels sprouts either. I mean, they kind of made them cool in San Antonio a long time ago. Address:  1127 South Saint Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78210



5. The Cookhouse- If you haven’t been to this New Orleans in San Antonio gem yet- get your buns over for dinner tonight. May we suggest charbroiled oysters with a bottle of Gustave Lorentz Pinot Blanc- you will thank us later. Address: 720 East Mistletoe, San Antonio, TX 78212


If you are what you drink, make it WINE… and make it Delicious,


The Defining Delicious Team





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