Where To Drink on Thirsty Thursday?

So cheesy, right?- Wine Down Wednesday meet Thirsty Thursday- the life of a publicist is full of cheesy lines to entice *you* (the reader, the media, the public).We want to lure you into your car after work and entice your senses to find some time to enjoy someones craft. Whether it be a craft cocktail or craft beer or artsy craft. The word “craft” has really been implemented in the food and beverage world today to offer *you* (see above who “you” are) the option of seeing eating and drinking as an art- hence, a craft. Unless of course, you are anti-craft and some of *you* (see above) are in the anti-cool-craft movement camp. All the more power to all of you and your waving your average Joe prayer flags, we are all about what works for *you* (I know). Anyhow, sticking with the theme of thirsty and combining it with today, Thursday- here are some places The Defining Delicious team and myself think are as cool as a craft brew.

1.  Something Old: You know we LOVE The Esquire Tavern- check them out NOW for happy hour or perhaps you are a late night eater and drinker- tonight starts the beginning of their late night menu. Are you a food and beverage industry professional? Yes? Well if so, *you* (you is now defined as one works long and crazy hours and smells like burgers and fruit combined) get 20% off your tab. Late Night Menu includes the best fried pickles in town. Address: 155 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: (210) 222-2521 Website: http://www.esquiretavern-sa.com



(Photo credit: The Esquire Tavern, Kody Melton)

2. Something New: Have you been to Park Social? This fab cozy meets chic place in Olmos Park is one great place to sip and tell. If you haven’t been yet, check them out- they have a killer cocktail menu and great atmosphere, candlelight included. Address: 218 East Olmos Drive, Olmos Park, TX 78212



(Photo taken from The Park Social Facebook page)

3. Something Blue: Well, maybe not totally blue- but the name is, kinda. Next time you are at The Pearl Brewery you check out Blue Box- We love this classic bar at The Pearl- always on point with their cocktail game and serving some of the best bar service in town. Not only that, mark your calendars as they will be hosting a Rivertini Happy Hour supporting The San Antonio River Foundation next Wednesday, March 4th during Happy Hour from 5 to 8 p.m. and tickets for the upcoming Rivertini event will be available to purchase at this happy hour. Good Times. Followed by next Thursday, March 5th the Pearl itself is hosting it’s first-ever First Thursday, where music meets late evening shopping.  This looks like fun- check out details HERE- in the meantime, grab a cocktail and enjoy something Blue Box tonight. Address: 312 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215
Phone: (210) 227-2583




(Image Credit: The Historic Pearl Facebook page)


If you are what you eat and drink, make it Delicious,


Founder of Defining Delicious


(Full Disclosure: Defining Delicious Publicity works with The Esquire Tavern, however, all opinions are our own).

Wine. Wednesday. Wine. Wednesday.

We love to wine around here, if you haven’t noticed. No really,  it’s kind of like coffee and water at our office. No we aren’t sitting here getting our tipsy on all day, we really work- it’s just we love to end a day or two of the week with a wine social- invite our neighbors and blast some music. If you ask us, there aren’t really a lot of other ways to celebrate a mid-week day then popping or corking something vino-ish. We want to share our favorite wine-ering holes around town. Wine not, right? Ok we will stop now…



1.  The Last Word: not only are there plenty of cocktails on tap, but The Last Word has a stellar bubbly menu as well. Enjoy a bottle of your favorite or maybe try something new and don’t forget reservations are accepted. Address: 229 East Houston St #10



2. MAX’s Wine Dive: We love the energy and enthusiasm of this place- always something off beat and we cannot leave without the fried egg sandwich, any bottle of wine tastes good with that- trust us. Say hello to Manisse, their Wine Sales Manager- she’s amazing and knows her drinks. Address:  Quarry Village, 340 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209


(Image from: flicksandfood.com)

3.  Folc: this new gem in Olmos Park has become the talk of the town- it’s funky menu and inspired cocktail list may make you say no to wine- but they even have a great list to compliment our two favorite must-have menu items, pea toast and roasted chicken- we know, chicken is not the normally awesome thing to order on a cool places menu- but man-oh-man this chicken is not to be missed- get the whole chicken and have the rest as a midnight snack. Address:  226 East Olmos Drive, San Antonio, TX 78212



4. The Monterey: You can’t go wrong with the wine list at The Monty- it’s just right. The best sherry list around, sherry is a thing, yes. They recently added a stellar line-up of cocktails and an excellent wine list. You cannot go wrong with the brussels sprouts either. I mean, they kind of made them cool in San Antonio a long time ago. Address:  1127 South Saint Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78210



5. The Cookhouse- If you haven’t been to this New Orleans in San Antonio gem yet- get your buns over for dinner tonight. May we suggest charbroiled oysters with a bottle of Gustave Lorentz Pinot Blanc- you will thank us later. Address: 720 East Mistletoe, San Antonio, TX 78212


If you are what you drink, make it WINE… and make it Delicious,


The Defining Delicious Team





A Weekend Full of Delicious Dates

TGIF, am I right? The weather is perfect and it’s just about happy hour, so what could be better? If you are in San Antonio this weekend, be sure to check out these 5 fabulously Delicious events, menus, and tastings-

1. The Gaucho Kitchen Menu at NAO- I love this place, the open kitchen and rotating menu always makes my heart flutter. And Executive Chef Geronimo Lopez is one of my favorites around the city. I have heard rave reviews of the new menu, The Gaucho Kitchen. Celebrating the tastes and unique flavors  of Argentina and for $42 enjoy the complete tasting menu.


2. This one is FREE and it involves chocolate- This Saturday February, 7th, will be the first-ever Chocolate Fest at Market Square. I am not completely sold on free events (get it?), they tend to be overly crowded, and it always seems to be hard to find parking- but this one involves chocolate and I do love chocolate- I mean who doesn’t? For more information and details click  HERE




3. Before you get all high on sugar at The Chocolate Fest, stop by The Twig Bookstore at The Pearl, for a book signing with our friend, John Demers of… get this… Delicious Mischief. We love the name of his blog and radio show  and now new book (especially that Delicious part). Meet him tomorrow and get his new book signed while you are at it. He will be at The Twig from 10am-noon saturday February 7th. This is sure to be a perfect compliment to your The Pearl Farmer’s Market experience.



4. Saturday is also National Pisco Sour Day.  Remember our fabulous interview with Johnny Schuler, the Godfather of Pisco during San Antonio Cocktail Conference a couple years back? Talk about passion- Well we have found the perfect spot to sip on a Pisco Sour. Join The Brooklynite team as they welcome guest bartender Javier Flores of Pisco Patron who will be showing off his Pisco skills for this international booze-it-up holiday. Or head to The Last Word from 4-7pm for $5 Pisco Sours.


(Photo Credit: Justin Parr)

5. Sunday we will be sipping and sampling the art of chef Robbie Nowlin’s cooking met with the visual art works of Justin Parr. These two make a Delicious combo- I think it’s like art meet charc? Yes, please. A complimentary reception will be held at The Hotel Valencia from 2pm-4pm, meet the artist(s) both culinary and visual- more details can be found HERE.

Until next time, enjoy your weekend and if you are what you eat make it Delicious,


Founder of Defining Delicious