2013 Manifesting A Delicious Life…

A New Year. It’s like starting the makings of a new recipe or making something delicious from scratch. I’m not really into “resolutions,” but I do see the benefits of putting my dreams into the universe, working my tail feathers off and being prepared when those dreams manifest. It’s all about making a recipe, mixing together the ingredients, and soaking up the flavors of a self-created delicious life. I invite you to join me in making this year your year, the year you made your life sweet and savory with a pinch of salt and a dash of citrus, balanced and yet your own.

Here is what I have in store….2013


Food and Travel:

Visit Hawaii eat fresh mangoes, do yoga daily, learn how to surf, hike a volcano, kiss underneath a waterfall, and meet wildly colorful locals.

Visit NYC: eat at Par Se, Mission Chinese, Eleven Madison Park, and various other street meat food trucks, NYC slices of pizza pie, hipster coffee shops, and random places with creamy hummus and vegan cookies.

Visit Chicago for the Food and Wine Festival I missed this year. Eat at: Next

Visit Los Angeles and my best friend, Libby. Eat at a high school friends wine bar, Vintage Enoteca, go to a taping of The Bachelor Women Tell All (i know.. I know.. ).

Continue to be involved in the food world of San Antonio, volunteer with the Food Bank, participate in the Cocktail Conference, Austin Food and Wine, create local events that support the food culture and healthy lifestyles.

BE A ROCK STAR at my DELICIOUS JOB. Make The Jason Dady Restaurant Group Nationally known, publish in National Food and Wine Magazines, help Jason become A James Beard Winner.

**All places visited I will be on assignment for and will be able to eat, write and devour all in one.


Become a Hatha yoga teacher

Yoga, running, lifting daily


Run the NYC marathon and Rock N Roll Marathon


Read a book a month, and participate in a book club.

Journal daily

Participate in Carrie Contey’s EVOLVE program again

Participate in Sue-Ann Gleason’s Well Nourished Women Program.


Laugh until my tummy hurts as often as possible

Sing at open mic nights

Listen to music as often I can

Meditate Daily

Participate at Celebration Circle,(retreats and volunteer)

Bake, cook, dance, and PLAY with my babies

Begin to write my second book and have a book deal by the end of the year.


Continue to create and inspire women in the arts through Zoetica and writing for Feminest.com

Design a sanctuary in my backyard

Participate in writing retreats and develop an online writing, food, nourishing e-course.

Create art, write an inspirational blog, and continue to inspire the bejesus outta myself and others.

And…That sounds like a year I want to live and live fully.

What about you?

focus on good