Delicious Life: Bringin’ Home The Turkey Bacon

So yeah, rememeber back when I was putting out to the universe I really wanted a dream job… Well, I got what I wished for and a hot bowl of homemade pasta. I’m the proud Marketing Manager, for The Jason Dady Restuarant Group. It’s the best job I could have ever asked for. I get to write, create, inspire, and eat wonderful food e-v-e-r-y-single day.  Award-Winning Chef Jason Dady makes local ingredients sing on a porcelain plate at 4 local restaurants and a food truck. For example, this scallop dish with crispy pancetta, fennel puree and huckleberries at BIN 555. Yes. I am in LOVE.


Although, I’m as excited as a coon in a trash can, I must admit being a workin’ mama, even a part-time is an effin’ challenge. (Can I digress? The whole ‘Part-Time’ thing is like the whole ‘half-marathon’ thing. It’s still work and it’s still 13.2 miles of running… Seriously!)

Let me enlighten you…

– It’s 7:00am… I’ve just stepped in SHI*, spilled a carton of milk on my new skirt, cleaned up both shi*t and milk, wiped butts with shi* and something that looks like it may have once been milk on them, cleaned my sparkly hot work clothes from both liquids, made fruit and veggie-fresh lunches for two kids, made coffee and a green smoothie for me, packed a bag to hit the gym after work and kiddo pick-up, packed a bag full of snacks, diapers, and multiple changes of clothes, all while making breakfast, putting make-up on, wiping my own butt, cleaning up the mess that ensued while I was cleaning the other mess, checked emails to make sure I am remembering my daughters pre-school field trips, wiped another kiddo’s butt, packed the car to the brim with all of thee above (including wiped-butted kiddos and self with semi clean work clothes), drove to meet our nanny who takes one kiddo while the other kiddo is at pre-school, raced to my job while listening to 90’s hits, worked for as many  hours as possible, drink as much coffee as possible, laughed at myself and my silly mistakes as often as possible, packed up from a seemingly quick day at the job of  my dreams, only to pick up kids with unwiped butts, go to the gym,  sweat my own butt off,  raced home before kiddos melt down,  only to make a healthy dinner (scratch that- 3 effin’ dinners), wiped more butts, answered phone calls from people who think I’m dead, drank some wine, wiped up something that spilled while I was drinking copius amounts of said wine, bathed all the humans in the house, read The Three Little Pigs for the millionth time,  put clean (for the moment) kiddos to sleep, tried to read a few pages of a book I’ve been milking since June (no pun intended) and then off to sleep…

And that’s just ONE day!  Multiply that by 5 and you just got a little taste of what we mama’s take on.

Hence, My New Recipe for Work-Family Life Juggle….

Something Sparkly (preferably drinks but pearls, water in a martini glass, diamonds, and sequins work too)  & on a lucky day crunchy chickpeas and crab croquettes from BIN 555 with your best friend.

ADD This Philosophy (thanks, Kim)



And you should be good to go, at least until 7:00am.

How do you survive your days with or without cleaning butts and spilling milk?


*Note: all opinions are my own, independent of my employer. I was not paid for this post, I just love my job that much!