Life Lessons From Lil Bean Sprout

Here’s my sweet Lil Bean Sprout exploring food for the first time (I know he is one Delicious little man, isn’t he?) I could just eat him up.

I have a serious confession.  As he experienced the colors, the tastes, the smells and the textures of good food my mind was spinning like a dradle in the middle of Chanukah.   My heart skipped a beat every time something landed on the floor or rolled off the place mat.  I was as nervous as a long tailed donkey in a room full of rocking chairs. Me, a Mama who prides herself on her passion for the edibles was turning into a meat ball of stress.


Let me explain… My Lil Bean Sprout was happy for about 15 minutes playing with his green salad and his banana-in-a-mesh-bag-thingy.  In baby time this is equivalent an 8 hour day marching around the San Antonio Zoo.  I bet you’re asking yourself… Shouldn’t she have been happy that her son was content for a full 15 minutes?  Unfortunately, No!  I was fighting a battle with my inner-self.  As the beautiful food chaos blossomed my maternal urges for cleanliness and order surged and I just about swiped that lettuce out from under him.

Oi Vey!

( Key words here, Just About)

Instead I had a small victory over my Type Anal personality. I tried to sit back, relax, and let nature take it’s course.  He was tasting, looking, touching, licking, slapping, drooling, gripping and twisting; and it really made this Food Lovin’ Mama proud.

There is a life lesson in this post.  My fellow Food Lovin’ Mamas out there, let’s make a joint pact: No crying over spilled salad.

Deep Breath. We can do it.  We have vacuum cleaners and/or husbands.  These spontaneous moments of joy can only be captured for a short time.  Let’s sit back and let our little sprouts play with their food.  Trust me it’s worth it, even if you do end up stepping on something slimy at 2am.  Let Go and Let Food.

Until next time…

La Grande Finale…

Part 3 Of Restaurant Week San Antonio: Tost French Bistro     

My experience at Tost Bistro makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. Some major highlights include:

-Owner Jean Francios was an absolutely wonderful host.

The Crispy Brussels Sprouts Salad alone is worth the trip.

-Every single morsel of food Defined Delicious. {Wink. Wink.}

*Again I was NOT at all compensated for anything this post is as honest as Abe Lincoln!

I part with the photos and memories of my favorite Restaurant Week 2011 experience.

Spicy Southwest Gazpacho A refreshingly cool, blooming, ripe, tomato-based soup. Combined with tangy cilantro and topped with a fresh corn compote (not from a can).  This was bliss in a bowl, especially on a 110 degree day.


Crispy Brussels Sprouts Salad  Beautifully plump brussels sprouts, perfectly pan seared, swimming in a balsamic truffle oil glaze, harmoniously dancing with blue cheese crumbles and crispy bits of bacon {I just drizzled drool on my laptop}.


 The Lobster Cake ( A Royal version of a crab cake). The golden edges of this brown buttered panko crust were hugging tender succulent pieces of fresh lobster.  It was crowned with a citrus salad and accompanied by a bright flavorful saffron aioli.  I felt as though I should bow, or curtsy, or do something formal at the end of this bite.

Braised Lamb Shank Provencal The lamb was virtually melting off the bone and was steeped in a traditional Provencal sauce.  Topped off with plump cherry tomatoes and black olives, it rested comfortably on top of goat cheese mashed potato. This dish was succulent, warm, juicy, and as I write it’s beginning to melt my heart all over again.

Forrest Berry Sorbet Made from scratch daily, this burst of berry flavor was a perfect last bite to a fairy tale lunch (notice the empty plates.)

Are you salavating yet? Please stop back for more edible tales on this Mama’s quest to Define Delicious.