‘Foodie’ For Thoughts

Foodie /ˈfuːdi/ A lover of the edible and any and all things delicious, especially PB&J.

A few weeks ago I met an endearing older couple at my favorite Indian place in San Antonio, Indian Palace. They were attractive, smiley, outgoing, and I overheard they had been coming to this restaurant for 20 years. This peaked my already overly curious interest. I ever so impolitely asked them, “What are your other favorite restaurants in the area? ” They looked at me with wide eyes and bright shiny teeth and said proudly, ” Oh, we’re foodies!” The woman continued to explain, “We love so many foodie places.”  Then listed off the following” hot spots”… Golden Corral (a cafeteria style buffet), Church’s (AKA fast food chain known for fried chicken) and Rudy’s (questionable bbq). I was left perplexed and ready to barf due to mental images of brown rubbery meats. I asked myself the only question I could…”If they are “foodies” where does this leave me?” After my disappointment and failure to collect any further food gossip, my hubs and I had a philosophical discussion about what a “Foodie” really is. Update: we still have no clue? If you ask me the term “foodie” has been thrown around so much it’s like a dead muskrat on the side of a highway. I believe that ‘food enthusiasts’ are yearning deep in their food porn dreams to have some other term to describe themselves. So…What the heck do you call someone who loves food?  A fatty? I personally like the urban dictionary definitions of “Foodie,” especially this one: (with my edit)

“Food Snob”- “I’m a big foodie.”  “Non Food Snob” – “Really? I like food too, but I’m not a tool.”

To me a real “foodie” has a spaghetti sauce stained apron with a hair net and a bowl full of homemade pasta fagioli served up with an ice cream scooper!  Maybe add on an Italian accent and toothless grin.  I’m sure you could come up with a nice lil stereotype on your own. You know how Eskimos have at least 100 words for Snow, well, there must be at least as many for ‘foodies’ too, right? Let me see here, what would an Eskimo call a “foodie”? Probably something like “Ttaaakeeshema”  meaning hungry warrior with great big belly.” Hang on I’ll google it for ya, Eskimo words for food lover…sorry i got distracted by Husky dog names. In all seriousness, I want to explore some other options than the obvious. Mostly to put myself in my own category, you know have a little box to check in my food lovin’ brain. Here’s what my creative mind for the moment came up with…

Food enthusiast (a little snobby), Foodist (still in the snobby category), Food Lova Lova (Call me Mr. Boom Bastic.. Boom Boom), Food Aficionado (professory), Edible the Incredible (the superhero), Food Whisperer (we aint talkin’ dogs here), Hungry Harriett (opera singer), Foodundies ( or boxer briefs), Edimama (mother/food lover NOT soy bean), Moodie (mother seeking food on empty stomach), Food Fanatic (probably wears fanny pack and stone washed jeans), Food Thunder Warrior (flatus), Food Goddess (new age), Food Expert (dorky), Food Worshipper (desperate), Food Junkie (IV soy sauce), Gastrocurious (sciencey), Lover of the Edible. ( Jackpot!)

When cool people feel that ordinary folks (like muah) get ahold of their lingo the hipness instantly disappears. Come on people, can’t we all be happy hippies and hug broccoli trees together?  I hope I got your food Lova Lova wheels turnin’, I look forward to expanding my edible horizons, along with you, don’t be shy leave your foodundies at the door…stains and all! {smile}

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