Brunch/brənCH/ Noun: A late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.

Brunch/brənCH/ At the Monterey In San Antonio, TX

Ok, we have all been there it’s that awkward time of day after a night getting blisters in your cowgirl boots or in my case being kicked in the head by my 3 year old.  You’re up at 11am you’re super hungry for some delicious chow and you’re sick of Dennys! {insert poo face}! What about some crusty bread drizzled in a blackberry sauceity sauce? Oops almost forgot the  gooey, custard center. Yes I’m a mom and my kids of course come first when they are hungry, here is my daughter (the one who occasionally kicks heads) savoring her freshly squeezed OJ and crusty slash creamy french toast. The Monterey just off the beaten path in downtown San Antonio is where you will find one of the best brunches I have had in a looonng time!

serv·ice/ˈsərvis/ Noun: The action of helping me, the customer get full of yummy goodness or doing work with a love of me, the customer and my patronage.

Of course for me a meal that I Define Delicious has to have 3 major components: First, service I say this first because no matter how good a meal is if it seems like your crotchety next door neighbor (the one with barking dog that pulls all nighters) is serving you then get the He## outta there sister! I say leave and don’t ever come back! I mean it, I know it may seem harsh but I’m telling you it makes ALL the difference, my food just doesn’t ever taste good when my first impression of the wait staff is off. I just never want to question anyone spitting in my food {yuck} or even think those crazy thoughts. Ok of course there are exceptions, road trips, crying hungry children, a last meal, you know what I mean. My general rule of thumb is the service MUST be with a genuine smile or Kaputt, Kapeesh? Pictured below is a face of the smiley and talented guy, owner Chad at The Monterey.  Not to mention this delicious foie biscuit en gravy dish he offered me as I gushingly told him I’m a self-declared food blogger on a mission to define delicious food {wink! wink!}. Either that or he felt bad for me as I was nursing my son and trying to catch my curious daughter all while attempting to having a bite of his morsels of delight. I gotta be totally honest, this post is completely from the heart, I’m not even a huge biscuits en gravy fan let alone foie, and I could NOT stop eating this, it was a complete package! Puffy, warm, and homemade biscuit swimming in a sea of lucsiousness.{ insert tingley warm feeling}. My feathers were definitely puffed, it’s those little things that go a long way! Chad works with a slew of uber hip chicks with great mojo. A high fives rating for service from me!

Taste/tāst/Noun: The sensation of flavor bursting in me, the customer’s mouth Verb: Perceive or experience amazingness of flavor 

The second part of my definition of deliciousness is the obvious TASTE, baby! Flava flave and appearance go hand in hand.  In order for me to want to go back, recommend, or even consider a place worthy of my time here at the computer away from my sleeping treasures ( hubs and babes), the taste and flavors must be better than I can make at home. Ok let me expand, I’m not a chef, I love to eat and consider food to be my art, my peace, and something I really cherish. I want to go out and be WOWed, WooED, and spend most of my conversation going, “WOW!”, “Yumm!”, ” I LOVE THIS!”, “UUMMMMM”!, “THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!” ( get the drift?). The taste that is the most incredible comes when the food looks like just a bit of love has been handed down to it. Fresh shaved parm., a divine sauce, or even a slice of fresh avocado can make the world of difference. If I wanted slop on a plate I wouldn’t have dragged my two children in the car, sweating my cahoonas off, wasting gas, and precious time, I’ll save my 10 bucks and make it my self! The above pics are of  eggs bene, fried green tomato style. Notice too the melt in your mouth bacon and local greens with FRESH shaved parm reg.! These dishes get a MADE with LOVE rating, all the way!

Com·pan·ion/kəmˈpanyən/Noun: A person with whom one spends a lot of time eating with or with whom one travels to eat yummy morsels of food Verb: Accompany: “she is companioned by a Rockstar Food Lover!”.


The third component of a RockStar meal of deliciousness is who you are with!  Here I am with two of my best companions, my lil guy Charlie and my bosom bud Rachael.  We had a warm happy fest of a meal together. Although it was Racheal’s final San Antonio meal, we savoured each other’s company, our mutual love of the edible, and of course cute baby cuddles. I can’t expand enough on the beauty of a great friend and boy oh boy are they a treasure when you have one! {Gush Gush}. I really only take those treasured of friends/family to my treasured of food places. I swear the food tastes better and overall I have a better time all around the table {cheesy pun}! Mom you were so right “you are who you hang out with!” so my unsolicited advice is… {drum roll} “hang out with good folks who warm your heart and your tummy and take them and only them to your fav food spots, not just any ole schmoe,  please treasure the treasures.” I know it seems so obvious but think of those times you just kicked your own head at 3am because you took that “some schmoe” to your fav brunch spot and now you have to cross it off your list to avoid that awkward encounter after it of course didn’t go so well. I end on that note and I dare you to follow me  and my quest to define deliciousness!

Disclosure: ALL opinions are my own, I was NOT in any-way-shape-or-form bribed, catered to, or compensated for MY MEAL. I did receive a complimentary sample of biscuits and gravy, however, All opinions are my own. if you would like to read more about my commitmentto write the truth click here

History Of An Eating Extraordinaire, ME~!

Wee Little Eater

Ever since I can remember I have loved good food! Being raised by my uber hippy parents, after breast milk (of course!), I think my first foods were poached salmon, avocado, and homemade tofu. My palette was refined and we didn’t even have electricity!  By the time I could walk, talk, and read I used to spend hours making menus on my grandma’s 1985 computer (the big one with the black screen and green font)! In between the many many hours I spent at my deluxe kiddie play kitchen, I won’t mention the things I used to serve up in that puppy, let’s just say one has to start somewhere! In between the tofu and homemade poo poo platters, I was lucky enough to be taken to some of the coolest, eclectic, yummy places to eat! Yes, for seven years I was ‘that’ only child who goes with her parents EVERYWHERE, even out for a nice dinner! I still remember the crusty warm bread at Papa Joe’s restaurant in Plattsburgh NY. The refreshingly creamy and fresh guacamole from Desperados restaurant in Lake Placid, NY ( I still love it there)! Even though we lived in the “Boonies” my parents gave me the greatest gift any parent can give their children, good, healthy, and terrific food! I was raised off the land, literally and my blood didn’t have the slightest amount of red dye#56699 until I became a teenager, I mean what’s adolescence without a little cheese wiz. “{yuck!} I think in oder to define what delicious really is we must also look at what it really is NOT, thank you adolescence and late night snacks of processed goobley gop!

From Juicer To Baby Producer

I got back on track during my sophomore year of college, yes some of you may remember me the girl from suite 303 lugging her juicer to the common area at 6am. {uggh, can we say EXTREME!} I had a literal thirst for healthy morsels of deliciousness and unfortunately didn’t have the most graceful way of sharing this extreme lifestyle change. I traded the booze of college for the organic green drink I concocted at 6am, let’s just again say one has to start somewhere! I traded in my meal plan and ate at the local restaurants, in one of my favorite central New York towns, Oneonta {insert shout out to Autumn Cafe!} I spent my meals out on the town with either some poor guy I was dating at the time or some colorful local that I met on my self-imposed journey to enrich my life (again not so gracefully at times). After college I met my hubs, Dr.M.T. Stringer, the greatest man this side of Texas, literally (we currently live in San Antonio)! 7 years and 2 babies later here I am! A wife, mama, sister, daughter, friend, and still a lover of the edible!  So what if I sit at home most week days in yoga pants watching Top Chef re-runs, I still know my Sh**!  I digress… SO if you haven’t gotten either hungry or bored from reading this, what is my point? Why read this food blog along with the slew of other foodie foodsters out there?  Because, I’m funny, candid, and anyone who has ever had the privilege to eat out with me { I hope we are still friends} can attest I know my stuff, I send it back if it aint yummy,  I can sniff a local hotspot a mile away, I am a service expert (waited on tables for 10 years), and boy or boy I love to eat! Cheers, and hopefully you will come on this journey with me as I taste and occasionally over comma along the way!