We work to keep the food and drink culture alive and ‘homegrown.’

Hello, and welcome to our collaborative. We are a group of creatives from all walks of life, who have gathered to define what “Delicious” really means and how we can manifest it in our lives. Our focus is to offer public relations services to food, beverage, and hospitality businesses. Yet our entire business is built around the goal of sharing information effectively, thoughtfully, and beautifully.

We believe in something called ‘from-scratch media,’ where press kits and publication pitches are custom tailored to whichever clients and publications are involved. Our approach centers around one base concept: if chefs and bartenders create their masterpieces from scratch, the best way to conduct outreach to local, regional and national contacts is to do the same from a publicity standpoint.We believe in making their stories as Delicious as the edible and drinkable art they make on a daily basis.

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apple tart

“The art of creating delicious food and beverage comes from one’s soul, like any other art form. It is our job to spread those messages from an equally creative place.”

—Emily, Founder of Defining Delicious